Well dear readers the time has come at which I have decided to join some affiliate networks.  By doing this I will receive commission when readers click, shop, or purchase through links generated from my site.

Letting you know this information is apparently an FCC regulation.  And besides I would prefer to be as transparent as possible.  As such, I am not sure how this will all pan out for me and what exactly it will entail.  I do know that I will begin attempting to generate some proceeds through businesses such as Viglinks and Amazon.

I will never endorse a product though simply because someone has paid for me to do so or has provided me with a product or a discounted product.

If it is at all possible I will always link directly with the retailer of the product I am personally wearing and I will attempt to link directly to the product I am wearing.  Often due to products going out of production I will provide a link to a similar product.  The similar products will be from companies I have shopped and endorse even though I may have not purchased the exact product I am recommending.

I may update this page at time to time to make sure that I am within full compliance!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Nadine....it's been awhile since I've seen you, 3years actually. You look great. I'm not at Wilshire wigs anymore, but still close. Would love to see you. Text me if you need help with your doo. Xxoo. Renee, 8182723232

  2. Thank you Renee! I can't believe you remember me after all this time! Oh sweet. I just might take you up on that hair assistance!