How to Create Cleavage

I am sorry that this has taken me so long to finally get around to, but here it is..... my latest update to how I create cleavage!  Yay!

Let me again start off with a few thoughts about me and my cleavage:

- While I understand that many folks may find cleavage appealing on others, I am not interested in attracting others, besides my wife, with my cleavage.  I do it as something to appease my brain.  Weird?  Yeah, maybe more than a bit.  But honestly when I look down and see my own cleavage, my brain says 'yeah that is right, that is what is supposed to be there.'  The fact that I am looking at my own skin, what appears to be my own actual breasts, it just fits with what my brain thinks should be there.

- It is more than a bit embarrassing showing myself stripped down so much, but I am interested in truly being able to share how I go about this process.  It is very amazing to me that I am able to achieve this look and I am always quite stunned that I am able to do it.

- My previous results have been quite good, but I have been searching for something that is more easily done.  Mainly the difference is in trying to find something that works without a "sticky bra."

Anywho!!!!!  On with the show!!!!!

This is obviously a photo of me with nothing on.  I am showing this to you so that you can see what I am starting with.  I am not on any hormones or taking any supplements for breast growth.  I am still at a point that I do not appear to have any breasts when I take off my clothes.  Which, for now, I appreciate.
Here I am in my newest bra.  And I LOVE the color!  Really, what color are you going to get when buying a bra from Victoria's Secret?  I purchased this bra from a store in Bakersfield, CA.  I have tried to find it online and have been unsuccessful.  But any bra from Victoria's Secret with a 2 cup enhancement will probably work, like this one or this one.
You can see me in process here.  I have inserted a couple of enhancement cutlets, like these, into my bra.  And what I am actually pictured doing is then pulling up my boobs.
By having inserted the cutlets in between my bra and skin and then having pulled up the remaining tissue, I now appear to have some actual boobs.  This is what I generally wear when I go out.  It is nice and simple, and comfortable! 
When I am looking to give my boobs a bit more umph, I will then wear this item.  It is a great article of clothing, it is called the LoveFifi Elevatrix Bra.  It can be worn in addition to any bra.  It helps give the girls a bit of extra lift!  But it can be a bit uncomfortable.  It comes with two sets of straps and I generally only wear one, as pictured.
And now, I have on a nice top that actually shows off everything that I have done.  This top is from PattyBoutik, and is available here.
Another item that I have but generally rarely wear, is this.  It is the LoveFifi Elevatrix Power Cami.  I don't generally wear it as it is a bit stiff.  But, wow, check out the results of that!  The only thing I have done, is to take off the previous two items, the top and the bra support and replace it with this "power cami."
And lastly, I now have on another top that shows off the cleavage well.  It is also from Patty Boutik and can be found here.

Well, that is it peeps!  There you have it; how someone with no boobs can appear to have at least a little something something!  Yay for boobs!

Go boobs!

Gosh that was a lot of work!  But hey, it's worth it huh?

Love you!!

----------------------------------Older Method's Listed Below---------------------------------------

I thought that it was about time that I updated my research into creating cleavage.  As you can see from my picture above, my research is going well. :)

Before I venture down that path though, I want to cover a couple of points.

1 - For me, creating my cleavage is not done for sexual purposes.  It is because for me, it feels/appears that I actually have breasts, and what is on my chest is not simply some expensive silicon.  Even though I do not use breast forms, and my breasts then appear much smaller, being able to look down and see my own skin forming the appearance of breasts is... well... do you see my smile in the above picture?  That explains it well enough.

2 - Recently it has been brought to my attention that people modify their photos with software.  It occurs to me that maybe folks ponder if I do that or not.  (Not that I think I look all that stunning in my photos.)  I just want to make a point that none of my photos are manipulated.  I actually strive to take the clearest photos I can.

Okay, so let the show begin!!

Here we are at my first layer, nothing!  Well there is a little bit of powder in the middle of my chest, between my nipples.  Honestly this is a bit embarrassing putting up a picture of me with my top off and nothing else on.  But I really wanted to show what I am starting with.  Which is basically nothing.  I am not on hormones, I am not taking any herbs, I am not doing any special exercises.  And I am quite in shape.  The one thing I do is to watch my weight.

This photo shows my newest addition and really the inspiration for updating my cleavage creation.  It is the Fashion Forms Women's Amazing Adhesive available at Target.  It is a size B.  It has taken a little bit of tweaking but it works quite well to begin to bring things together.

Now I have on my bra.  It is a Maidenform Double Fantasy, which I don't think is available any longer.  I should have bought two!  It is a 36B.  Part of the benefit of this bra is that it is strapless, thus it has sticky lining along it and that helps it to stay in place and keep other things in place.

In this photo I have put on my Love Fifi Bra Support.  I did a review of that a bit back.  You can read specifically about this item here.

This is a top I bought recently specifically because it is a deep v tank top.  It is from Patty Boutique.  It is interesting as a top as I had to order it by bra size.
And here I am, dressed fully now, and quite happy with my results!

-----------------Older Method Below --------------

One of the things I enjoy most about how I crossdress now is the cleavage that I can create.  I really like looking down and seeing my own cleavage.  It is quite a thrill.  When I first started crossdressing, my breasts were very large.  I look back upon them now and find them to be comically huge!  Recently I went through some of my old breast inserts and was stunned at how big they were.  I pulled them out and put them into place and was shocked at just how big they are.  But when I looked down, I did not like how they looked.  Even though they were huge, they did nothing to help me look more like a woman.

Cleavage though, it is a wonderfully feminine thing.  So I thought I would create this page and share in detail just how I go about creating the cleavage that I have.

The pictures from below are what I have on in the outfit photo from: Outfit for the Mall

First is a picture of me fully dressed, and showing a good shot of the cleavage that I create.  The top most layer is a black Guess tank top.  This tank cuts down in a V and better shows off my cleavage.

Second I have now removed the tank top and you can see my bra, and my Spanx like top.  This tight top is one of several that I own that is very snug fitting.  I have purchased most of them from Maidenform.  When I have gone to Maidenform at some outlet malls, while dressed as a woman, I have tried them on in the dressing room, and it is great, except for that I have almost become trapped in some of them.  If it is not tight enough of a fit, it won't work.  So these types of tops should be tight.  I like this particular one because it cuts down very low and does not block my cleavage.

Third, I have removed my tight top and you can see my bra and my bra-like item.  I am not sure what to call the extra bra-like garment.  I just know that it helps to push my boobs together.  This again is another item that I purchased from Maidenform.

Fourth, I have removed my bra like garment and all I have on is my bra.  I also have two pairs of cutlets within my bra.  The cutlets help to push my boobs towards the middle of my chest and help to fill out my bra better.  These cutlets were also purchased at Maidenform.

Fifth, I have taken out the cutlets and all I have is my bra.  This bra was purchased from Maidenform.  It is a bra that can be worn strapless.  It is very snug, and I have the shoulder straps fairly tight.  The bra itself also has some rubber like strips within it that help it to not slide down on my chest.  It is a size 36A.  The bra also has some padding within it.

Lastly, I have nothing on and you can see what I am starting with.  The strap marks left over from my garments are quite obvious.  I don't know if you can tell, but if you look closely you might be able to see the slight dark patch between in the middle of my chest.  I use some bronzer powder between my boobs to help darken the area and help create the illusion of cleavage.

So there you have it.  I suppose the only other thing I do to help my boobs look larger is that I do one arm exercise.  I lie on the ground with my arms out straight from my sides and with 10 pound barbells I left my arms up towards the middle of my chest.  I don't raise them up entirely, I probably go up about half way.  If you are doing them correctly you should feel it in your pectorals and not in your arms.

What do you think of my routine?  Do you like the results?  Do you do anything different that works better for you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please share with me.


  1. Thank you for sharing...luv the way it works...

  2. I'd love to know a bit more about the 'bra-like' garment. The only similar thing I know of is a 'Diva' which is badly made and over-priced (though it does work). Did you say Maidenform? Is it still available?

    Good article, by the way!

    1. Thanks Penny.

      Okay, the 'bra-like' garment. It is very similar to the 'Diva.' I had the Diva once upon a time and am not sure if I still own it or not. I agree with you, I did not like the quality of that item and felt as well that it was over-priced. Moreover, when I wore it, it did give me some cleavage, but it also gave me no bust to go with that cleavage, which I thought looked a little weird. I found myself wearing that for cleavage and then wanting to wear a bra over that which could hold at least some small forms.

      So my replacement is something similar in nature, but I can wear it over my bra. I wish I knew the product name that it sold under, but I do not. It was produced once upon a time by Maidenform, but from the looks of their website, they don't make it anymore. Not surprising, as I purchased it from an outlet store in the first place.

      Normally what I do when I get the chance to shop, is to go into a Maidenform outlet store and peruse their shape-wear section. I will often find something interesting. The bra-like garment was found that way.

      What I have seen, as a general rule, most things that I buy from places advertising for cross dressers, I do not like. They tend to be just like you described, over-priced and poor quality. While the vast majority of women's clothes can be made to work and they are better and less expensive, if you can make them work for your body type. But I think guys get duped into believing they have to have special garments designed for men. So not true.

      I have not put this much thought into that garment and now I am struggling to find another to point out on the net. I am a little concerned that maybe I should have bought several when I found it in the first place.

      I know I am rambling now, but my wife tells me all the time how bummed she is every time they discontinue her latest favorite bra, and now I SO know what she means.

      Anyways, thanks again Penny. I will try and find the exact name of the garment and see if I can locate one online to point you towards.

    2. Okay so a little bit of searching under 'wear your own bra' enhancement brought me to the following page:

      This item might achieve the same results as what I wear, though it is a body suit item as opposed to just a bra. But after looking at it, it might work better than what I am using. It all depends on how tight the garment is. And thinking about it, my bra item is adjustable, but I do wish it was tighter.

      Okay I will keep looking.

    3. AH - HA !!!

      I found something very similar to my 'bra-like' garment.

      The keywords that I eventually happened on are 'instant lift bra shaper.'

      The garment that I linked to is in a specific size but looking at Amazon I found many in other sizes. So far this is the closest to what I wear and actually it looks interesting enough that I think I will buy one and try it out. I will let you all know the results of that.

  3. Hi Nadine,

    It's good of you to do this research!

    The Diva is slightly different in that it has two 'special' pads which are supposed to grip the skin and pull it inwards, freeing a bit more 'squidge' to create an impression of a cleavage. As far as I can tell the pads are just a polyurethane foam, like the stuff that I use for hip pads. That too resists sliding on the skin.

    Also, it can be worn without straps, although I am fairly sure this would be a bad idea unless (as I have) you wear it under a body suit which stops it wandering about. I had to do some fairly extensive repairs on it, but for now it's probably ok. Not having a second set of straps can be handy if you need (for whatever reason) to wear a strappy top.

    I couldn't agree more about the poor quality of 'trans' items made for men. Garments made for women are much better quality and on the whole much less expensive too.
    I'm contemplating buying a front-fastening bra and adding foam pads a-la-Diva, now I have been initiated in the use of the family sewing machine. So far however, that's firmly on the 'to-do' list.....

    Another way to get a bit more 'squidge' to the front is, of course, taping, but finding suitable tape can be hard. I found an elastic sports strapping with a non-latex adhesive in Boots which works well (and does not smell!) but I have no clue whether there is a more widely available branded equivalent.

    It's good to talk. The quest for the perfect cleavage, eh?

    All the best! 8-)


    1. Ah ... perfect cleavage...the search continues...

      Thanks for writing!

  4. I thought this was for women... I have a A-Cup size so i decided to enlarge it but then...

    1. Hmm... thanks for replying. I wonder if part of your comment was cut off?? Anyways, these methods can apply for either men or women. Enjoy!

    2. That was kind of a bitchy thing to say Natalie brown

    3. I think it can be a bit surprising for some people when they visit this site and find something they are not experienced with.

  5. I'm female, wear a C cup. However, my boobs are far apart. I've sadly never had much cleavage. I think your methods could help me. I am encouraged. Thank you.

    1. Interesting. I have been curious as to what the results would be like for women in your situation. My wife's are somewhat apart, not far apart, but not very close either. She has had excellent results with using the Elevatrix from Love Fifi.

      Good luck. I'd like to hear if you try it and if it works for you or not.

  6. Your Article is really helpful, actually is the best creating cleavage tutorial on the Internet ! simple clean and easy, i can't find better !

  7. As a woman wildly in love with a cross dresser and trying to encourage him to be everything he is inside I whole heartedly thank you for this post. Neither one of us knows what we're doing but now we can move past skirts and tank tops.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi There! Thanks for the comment. Yay! I am so happy for you and your husband that you two are figuring this cross dressing stuff out! Good for you two. Any advice I could ever offer, please just ask!

  8. Nadine, I just wanted to comment and say thanks for this tutorial! I found you from the Already Pretty blog. I am a cis woman and I am a card carrying member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. I tried your method and it worked great, but man, cleavage is so weird! It will probably be a while before I can leave the house like this, lol. Thanks again!


    1. M-

      That is great that it worked for you! I read your comment to my wife and she thought it was awesome that you tried out my suggestions.

      Oh and yeah, having cleavage where once there was none is kind of an odd experience. It was kind of unnerving for me at first and it has taken some getting used to.

      Recently I have been modifying my methods and have had good results that are proving to be a bit easier then what I have outlined here. I will have to update this page again soon.

      Thanks again, and yay!

  9. Hello there, whats the name of this type of bra LoveFifi Elevatrix Bra, I cant seem to find other brands and shipping is expensive to europe

    1. Hi - when I search on Amazon, the best results are given when I enter in "bustline shaper." That phrase brings up a variety of different manufacturers of this type of garment. Each of them have their own name for this type of bra, so I can't tell you what it is always called. I hope that helps as I don't know what shopping methods are available in Europe. Good luck!

  10. I thought you was a woman until i read into the post. Being flat chested as a teen i wish i seen this then. Even now with a c cup i dont have clevage. Thank u for the post that inspires me, that i can have the look i want.

    1. Thanks so much for the appreciation! Good luck and play around with different items, you won't know what works until you try a variety of things.

  11. Nadine,

    I think that you have provided a valuable service to any of us who would like more or better looking cleavage. I don't think it matters one bit what gender is on a person's birth certificate. If a person wants nice cleavage, then the person should have it, regardless. You provided us all with a great way to make that happen. Thank you!


  12. This is amazing! I'm so impressed. You have done a fantastic job creating lovely looking cleavage. As someone who has it naturally, I'm inspired to get mine out more lol

  13. Hey Kitten! Nice job on the tutorial. I'm still using KT tape, but that can be risky for a long night. You can get welt or blisters, but it does make some good cleavage.

    Your pal Meghan

  14. Wow, you have more cleavage than I do, and I'm female. I guess that proves that I can pump up the volume!

  15. Hi Nadine,

    I love this tutorial, its exactly what i do! but I'd like to give you one tip that will really...umm..pull things together. Take an underwire bra whose cups fit wide and band fits snug and cut out the cups. After putting it on, you can pull flesh from the sides/underarm area and from below the cups creating more boob than you would normally be able to contain with the sticky bra alone. Once you've pulled all this flesh into the cup area, then proceed with everything else as normal. I've achieved considerably more volume starting with this, then add the sticky bra and/or cutlets, then bra, then cleavage enhancer of choice. It's yet another layer, but omg the look is so worth it. Obviously this works best with a top that covers all the straps!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! I will have to try it out. Though, it does sound a bit involved. Did you read my comments on my newest methods? Part of that was in not wanting to use a sticky bra. So I like my latest methods as it does not involve a sticky bra and thus is more convenient and more comfortable to wear.

      Thanks for the thoughts, I will have to try it!

  16. Thank you so much for explaining this great way to show cleavage. I always wondered how inserts would work for me. I am going to purchase a pair soon. Jeri Hall (FB)