Sunday, November 3, 2019

Electrolysis Reality Check

June of 2018 I went to my first electro appointment. They started on my face. It took over 20 hours to fully clear my entire face 1 time. Yesterday they cleared my face in 2 hours. It will probably take an additional 6 months of full clearings and then it will be gone for the entire rest of my life!

Now we are slowly working our way down my body. 6 hours was spent on my upper bikini line. I hate the process, it is shear torture. The cost is outrageous, $125 an hour per electrologist, plus $50 an hour for the nurse to do lidocaine injections. So yesterday it was 4 hours, 2 techs, 1 nurse, $1200!!

The results are truly priceless though. Well, my belly doesn't look like it right now, but I just need to hold steady, be patient, and maintain this heading.

Love you!


  1. Hi Kelly,

    Electrolysis is definitely worth it... I've written to you before about it and, having done 160 hours of facial electrolysis, it's worth it. It a definitely thinner everywhere, black hair is just about gone and my problem areas are almost eliminated. It's been a three year journey that will be finished soon-ish. Yay!

    I'm going full time in April, so all that time under the electrolysis needle was well worth it.


    1. Yay! I am SO happy for you that you have done so much work prior to going full time! Oooohhhh..... I'm so jelly! Well, it's behind me mostly now, as my face is almost totally done! I'm wishing you my best for the future!