Saturday, April 27, 2019

Today's Outfit - White Skirt

Skirt - White House Black Market -  Similar @ Neiman Marcus@ Amazon
Tank - White House Black Market - Similar @ WHBM, @ Amazon
Wedges - Born O Comfort - Schirra - Similar @ Famous Footwear,  @ Amazon

I love this skirt.  Seriously, I absolutely adore it!  The pleating makes it move so lusciously that it feels like wearing a cloud.  Well, maybe, but I am not sure what a cloud actually feels like.  How about that I say that it is super light, fluffy, and swishes while I walk and twirl about.  Yes, in this skirt I am a bit prone to twirling.

As well, I like this tank.  It is simple, but lovely.  It has small scallop like waves on it that are edges with white fabric.  It has a lovely look to it, but also a great texture to it.  And you know how much I appreciate a good texture, right?  No?  Well I do, so now you know.  Exciting!

A funny little thing lately.... You may know that I am beginning to speak with groups of college students.  I go over much of my life, telling of my journey to finally accept myself as the woman that I am.  Typically I don't like PowerPoint presentations at all, but, and I know I am biased, I like this one!  I love the photos I was able to put together for it..... okay, well I am sure eventually I will let you know more about what my speech is about.  For now, the only thing that matters is that I have a bit of a joke that goes like this......

I am hated for a variety of different things (and it often changes depending on what I can come up with at that particular moment,) one being that I am a math teacher (generally math teachers don't bring up warm fuzzies for humans,) two that I am transgender (you know, because of how terribly frightening we are, yes sarcasm is my good friend!)  Three - that I am a fashion blogger!  (The internetz don't seem to be all that favorable to fashion bloggers!)

So, yeah, that's one of my jokes.  I do say it in somewhat serious jest.  While I do not feel as though I am truly hated, there are groups of people who do hate others.  Some people hate math, and thus math teachers, there are some people who hate duck hunters (something I may include on occasion,) And so on..... so while I don't ever, in the least, ever feel as though I am hated........ I think that is why the joke is funny to me.  My audience seems to get that.

Okie dokie bloggo-sphere, I am off!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Life is too short to hate!

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