Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mini Update

Really?  Is it possible that I can match my already written title of a mini update?  I seriously don't know!  I'll try and keep it small, but lately it seems as though being brief is not my strong suit!  Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

#1 - well things here in my personal life keep chugging along.  I am occupying much of my time with trying to change over my name on every little thing!  It is kind of annoying.  Do you know what would be super helpful?  If you legally change your name, it then is magically changed across everything!  It kind of stinks having to get a different doctor letter for my court case, my driver's license, and my passport.  Aren't these all government agencies?  Does the court order mean nothing to these other groups?  Hmmmm........

#2 - like my timeline photo above?  I do!  It is weird in changing your hormones.  At first all I wanted was the mental benefits of changing them, now that I have those, I want the physical changes too!  Have you ever seen a female to male trans individual who goes on testosterone? T is a pretty strong drug.  So is E, however it's effects tend to be stronger on individuals who have not had any hormones in their body before.  T on the other hand has profound effects on pretty much all bodies.  No it cannot un-grow breasts or reduce hip size, but it can cause body and facial hair, as well as a deepening of the voice.  Those few things are huge gender markers!  Huge!  Anywho.... E's effects are not always as noticeable.  Thus I love comparing my old favorite photos to my new favorite photos.  That is where I see the most changes.  Most people keep saying - yeah you look happier.  Do you know what?  Something else must be happening.  I can't just be getting happier and happier.  Was I happy when I first got the hormones on 7/3/17?  Yes I was!  Am I happier now?  Well life sure is grand, but it can also be quite annoying.  I'm still happy, but happier?  Huh, that's hard to judge.  Just because everyone is saying it does not make it so.  Something else must be happening here people.  And with so many of you refuting that any actual physical change is happening, are you aware of how much that hurts?  Well you do now, so can you please stop?  I'd really appreciate not hearing anymore of how I look the same, just happier. 

#3 - while we are on the happy topic can we please stop telling trans people who chose to transition "well if that is what would make you happy?"  I'd really appreciate if we could stifle that narrative.  Seriously, transition is about far more than mere happiness.  More and more lately when I hear the above phrase all I translate it to is - 'I think you are completely loony and I have no educated idea of what being transgender is all about, but I believe in people having the freedom to do to their bodies what they want, so go ahead and do it to yourself."  Cookies make me happy, transition has finally begun to make me whole.  There is a difference.

#4 - my little honey's foot is healing but not quite healed.  That darn toe bone takes forever to grow!  Hurry up big toe she is getting tired of having to thump around in her boot!

#5 - work is going well.  Surprisingly I have only had to write up 1 student, out of 550, for sexually harassing me.  Little turd!  Oh well, 1 out of 550 is flippin great!

#6 - a super kind reader sent me a little note letting me know that my About page was woefully outdated.  When I read it over I was shocked! Shocked I tell you!  Seriously!  That has now been updated and is truly reflective on where I am at currently.  Though admittedly it is rather long!  I thought it would be a good idea to give some sort of explanation of how I went through a few phases before ending up here at transgender female.

#7 - Eeekkkkk - I'm at the beginning stage of attempting to modify my voice.  It is kind of tricky trying to picture yourself and be perceived as female when you clearly sound like a male.  I am fond of saying that I pass fairly well, until I open my mouth, then it is shot to shit!  So....I'll keep you updated on how that all rolls!

Hmmmm........ I think that is about it peeps!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Love love!

Friday, November 2, 2018

My Outfit - Bold Red Booties

Jacket - Guess - Similar @ Amazon
Top - WHBM - Similar @ Amazon
Skirt - WHBM - Similar @ Amazon
Booties - Xappeal, Alexa - @ Rack Room Shoes Similar @ Amazon
Tights - Target - Similar @ Amazon
Belt - Target - Similar @ Amazon

The last time I was outlet shopping I was in shoe heaven.  I was in a place called Rack Room Shoes, at the Tejon outlet mall in California, near the Grapevine, if you know the area.  Anywho, I had found about 3 pairs of lovely feeling boots when I spotted this bright red beauties.  I really didn't think they would be work appropriate, but I have not purchased much in the way of fashion shoes lately, so I went for it.

Generally where I live there is no nice place to shop.  Many of my friends get annoyed with me as my preferred activity when I visit them is to shop!  They often roll their eyes at me, and lament that I am too into shopping and I need to get out and do other things with my time, and especially our time together.  The harsh truth of where I live though is that there are no nice places to shop.  Even the places that often carry high end clothes, like Macy's, do not offer those nicer products in my area.  It is really sad actually.  I feel bad for people who do not have the means to travel far from where we live to find those nicer products.  It is really sad when you consider that this same policy holds true for food as well.

Well then..... I had these super cute booties waiting in my closet and yesterday was the day they made their first appearance to the world.  And I'm not 100% sold on how I wore them.  They certainly popped with this outfit, but the white tights may have made them pop a bit more than I was really wanting them to.  Without the jacket on they do look a bit out of place.  Hmmm..... sometimes to be fashionable one needs to take fashion risks.  I don't know how fashionable I am, but I do know I take risks with my clothes.

Another risk I often take that my wife just does not approve of?  The white tights.  They really rub her the wrong way.  However, I will say she is not a leggings, tights, jeggings, stretch pants, type of girl anywho.  I mean, she thinks they are fine on some others, but not for herself!  I have noted that she tends to be a bit more discriminating than I in these types of leg coverings.

Alrighty, that's it!  I'm outta here!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love red booties!