Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Outfit - Short Hair!!

Hair - Jon Renau - Cameron Large - @ Amazon - @ Wilshire Wigs
Top - Calvin Klein - Similar @ Amazon
Pants - 7 For All Mankind - Slim Cigarette - Similar @ 7 For All Mankind @ Amazon
Tank - Guess - Similar @ Amazon
Shoes - New Balance - Similar @ Amazon

This was the outfit that I chose to wear for the Visalia Pride Festival.  It was only the 2nd time that Visalia has had this event, and I didn't go the 1st time.  Thus it was that I had no idea what to expect.  My vague notion was, food, information, drag shows, and people.  I just wanted to wear something that was comfy and I wouldn't mind sitting on the ground in.  Overall I thought this outfit worked.  It was cute, comfy, and not too fancy.

A bonus was that when we were pulling out of our house I noticed that the mail had been delivered.  I crossed my fingers with the thought that maybe, just maybe, the new wig I purchased would be sitting in there. And it was!!! 

I have been looking at some other options that might be more work friendly, eeek!!!  This one is actually the most expensive wig I have ever purchased.  It retails for about $420.  Funny price, but it is not the one that I actually paid.  First I got it from Wilshire Wigs, who generally does a 30%, or so, discount per month.  That took off quite a bit of the cost.  Then I used money that I make through some of my side ventures, like Teachers Pay Teachers.  I ended up only paying about $120 out of my pocket.  Sweet!! 

A good number of years ago I had a wig that was as short, possibly shorter, than this one.  I may have had more than one.  Most of my first wigs were super cheap, like in the $50 range cheap.  And no I am not saying inexpensive, they were downright cheap!  Cheap in cost, and cheap looking!  Eventually through trial and error I found some wigs that actually look fairly decent.  But I left behind the notion that I could look good with short hair.

Long hair is so nice in that it helps to change the appearance of features that maybe some of us would rather not have.  Short hair is less of a mask and can reveal much more of a human.  So, maybe I have been afraid of short hair.  But I will tell you that long hair is a pain in the butt on occasion.  I do love my long hair, but it is hard to care for, especially in wig form!  The tangles and pulls are super challenging to deal with.  So it is that I decided to try for an easier to care for style. 

Overall I like the look.  It is totally different then my long hair, but I think it is still cute.  And in wearing it throughout the day at Pride, it worked just fine.  The only thing about it is that as with most hair, it liked to get into my mouth as I was attempting to eat some tacos.  Mmmmm, yum, mouth hair! 

Okie dokie, that's about it humans!  Oh, one last thing, I did enjoy my first Pride festival.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I did think to myself on more than one occasion, wow I am so normal!  I mean this as no offense to anyone else, but I have always thought I am super strange for being transgender and presenting the way that I do.  But on this day, at this event, my wife and I were some of the most vanilla people there.  I think we got more looks from people wondering why we were even at a Pride event, than people wondering who was the "dude dressed as a woman!"  Funny.

Love you!

Love yourselves! 

Loving short hair!


  1. Love the short hair, hon! How wonder that you have both options! I love my hair, but there are days when it simply decides it isn't going to behave (especially when it's humid), and I'm at its mercy. lol


    1. Omg Cass, I am so jealous of your beautiful hair, I love it! Though it is nice to have options.

  2. It's always a pleasure to come here.
    A Kiss

  3. I love the shorter hair, I think it really suits you. You look fabulous.

  4. You look great Nadine! I like this one and it does suit you well. The more "styled" look is neat.


  5. Rockin' that awesome. Totally love it!