Monday, September 4, 2017

Fire, Fire, Everywhere

Have you ever had to experience the surreal event of walking through your house trying to decide what needs to be saved, and what you are willing to allow to burn and leave your life forever?

This is from about 10 miles from me.  Pretty frickin scary!  This fire started on about August 29th.  It is currently up to about 17,500 acres.  The area it is burning in has not burnt in recorded history.  Which basically means that it is well overdue for a burn.  We are hopeful that we will not have a problem at our house, but we are prepared to go.

It really brings about the question of what is important.  We had to make a list of priorities:

Number 1 - each other
Number 2 - the dogs
Number 3 - the cats
Number 4 - keepsake items
Number 5 - important documents
Number 6 - current medications
Number 7 - clothes and toiletries for at least a week
Number 8 - photographs
Number 9 - cute clothes!
Number 10 - cute shoes!
Number 11 - cute purses!
Number 12 - good outerwear!

So.... all of these items are pretty well covered.  Many things have been packed up and moved down to our off-site storage unit.  The dogs are currently down the mountain at the kennel for an ongoing stay.  The cats are all inside and have food a carriers by the door.  Our bags are packed, purses accounted for, documents in the purses, the emergency list has been written of what to do when they come and tell us it is a mandatory evacuation.

We are prepared to go, but hope we don't have to.

Hope you are well.

Love rain!

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  1. No words sufficient, Nadine. Please come out of this intact and with some sense of humor about the human condition. Wishing you both (and all the animals) well in this time of crisis. Clearly, CA could have used some of the trillion+ gallons of water dumped on Texas and her neighbors.

    Best, Rhonda

  2. Good luck Nadine. I will be keeping you an Jewel in my thoughts.
    In case you end up having to deal with an insurance company and haven't already done so a video of your property and possessions left behind can be helpful.
    God bless and hope for the best.

  3. I'm so sorry, Nadine. My fingers are crossed for you and everyone in harm's way out there. Sending positive thoughts...


  4. Wow! I hadn't realized that the Pier Fire was approaching Springville. Happily you had some warning so you have made your best choices.A good thing that comes out of emergencies such as this is that you can sort out just what is truly important to you. I have long ago come to the conclusion that all I need is a change of clothing and my personal papers and I'm good. I have my memories and everything else can eventually be replaced...

    I hope the best for you and if you need a hand, please let me know. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Good luck!



  5. Nadine:

    The fire map shows Springhill is still there, are you and Jewel ok? Home still standing? Your loyal followers/friends want to know.

    Fingers crossed,