Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Outfit - I May Have Been Overdressed

Tunic - White House Black Market - Similar
Shorts - Guess - Similar
Shoes - Born O Concept - Similar

This was the outfit that I decided to wear to my first group therapy session.  It occurred about 3 weeks ago.  I liked what I decided to wear, and yes, there are in fact shorts under there, but I do think that I was rather overdressed for the occasion.  It was quite funny as it was my first time at group therapy and many of the other participants have had the chance to get to know each other.  Thus I was the total newbie of the group.  I wanted to wear something that I like, something I felt confident in, and something that was comfortable.  This outfit fit all of those requirements.

The thing was though, while I was comfortable in what I chose to wear, it was quite different than what most others chose to wear.  It appeared as though, I did not get the memo!  Apparently the dress code said casual, super casual, casual to the point that wearing sweats would have fit in better!

At first it made me feel uncomfortable, but after awhile I realized that it doesn't matter what anyone else wants to wear, the only thing that is important is what I want to wear!  That is what is important, what I want to wear.  Not what I am supposed to wear.  Nor should what other's chose to wear make me feel bad about my choices and that I should somehow conform to them to fit in.  It's been weird to come to these realizations about what is just going on in my whacky whacky head!

Funny enough, this coming weekend is group again, and I am thinking of going in my half-half mode.  Which will basically be me showing up dressed primarily as a woman, but with my balding head showing and my two weeks of scruff growing on my face.  Yeah, it's funny!  I think I should do a blog post where I show a two-month on hormones comparison photo, but have it be with my beard grown out a bit!  Hilarious to me!  Hahhahaha



I amuse myself.  Seriously I do!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love hahahahahahaha!!!


  1. I love your outfit. Is it a one-piece or separate top and shorts?

    1. Hiya Stana-

      They are separates. You can't actually see the shorts I have on as they are so short. That is my difficulty with tunics. I love to wear shorts with them, but the tunics are generally just long enough to cover my shorts. Thus I look as though I am wearing a way too short dress!

  2. OMG. Love the outfit and the way you wear your belt.
    You certainly look confident and comfortable!!