Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Outfit - Geometric Tunic

Tunic - White House Black Market - Similar
Belt - Mossimo - Similar
Shorts - Guess - Similar
Sandals - Born O Concept - Similar

Doesn't it totally look as though this dress is super short?  I mean way too short for me to be wearing, unless of course I'm wanting to give somebody a free peep show?  That would be gross!  I have actually heard of some trans people doing that on purpose.  Well, at least that is how others described them, trans.  I generally have not given those folks the time of the day, but I should start speaking up and letting them know that those are not called trans people, they are called something more along the lines of a pervert, or an exhibitionist.

Oh and by the way, no I am not trying to show off any bits, see I have on shorts!

I really, really like tunics, especially during the summer, but I do not like where they fall on my legs, as it gives this look of wearing a way to short of a dress.  I suppose that if anybody is looking all that closely they can see my shorts, but it does make me feel a bit self conscious.  Obviously I get over it and just wear what I think looks good, but still, it is a bit unnerving!

So.... where exactly did I wear this outfit to you ask?  I wore it to my very first appointment with my OB/GYN.  Yeah, weird huh?  I mean I don't even have a vagina!  Yeah well, as it turns out, here in California's Central Valley, there are very few doctors willing to work with the transgender community.  This doctor was one of two I was referred to for possible hormone treatment.  She apparently has a four month waiting period, but I amazingly got in within a month!

Off I went to my appointment this morning, with my super understanding and awesome wife.  By the way, for any of you who are concerned with my wife and my possible hormone therapy, she is totally in support of it.  So much so that within the past month she has lamented "when exactly are you going to get hormones?"  Funny huh?  I have thought so.

My appointment went really well and I actually left with a script for spironolactone and estradiol.  There was a small hiccup in actually getting the pharmacy to fill the script, but I got it!  Thus these pictures were taken about an hour or so before applying my first patch!  Terrifying and exciting!

That is all for today.  Honestly I never pictured that I would be here, but I am thrilled to be so!

Love you!

Love yourselves!


  1. Thanks for update! Congrats. And the journey continues...

    Clare B

  2. Love the tunic! It's very pretty and in colors I really love. You look great in that outfit.