Thursday, July 20, 2017

Arm Insecurities

It has been quite awhile now since I have been lamenting my large arms, so one would logically think that is what this post will be about, yet again.  But it is not about my arm insecurities, it is about someone else!  On the day that I wore this outfit I happened to go to an office supply store where I had a super funny conversation.  When I walked up to the registers I couldn't really tell if that was where I was supposed to get my stuff rung up or not.  A female worker was there, but her back was turned to me and she didn't notice that I had walked up. I asked her if I was at the right location to get my stuff rung up.

She turned around with a rather annoyed look on her face and kind of sarcastically said yes.  I didn't really know what she annoyed about, me, the project she was working on, the color of the sky?  I didn't know, but regardless I put a smile on my face and said "I've just never been in this store and didn't know if I was in the right spot."

She asked if there was anything else I wanted, besides the reams of paper I had set on the counter.  When I told her no, she said I was indeed in the right place.  She seemed to be relaxing a bit.  That was when she told me that she liked how well the dress I was wearing fit me.  I thanked her and she continued by telling me that dresses just don't work on her.  She then asked me where I liked to shop.

I told her that my favorite place is White House Black Market, of course right?  She went on by explaining that no dress seems to fit on her body like they do on mine.  I attempted to explain to her that I have a hobby of trying on clothes and that one of my favorite things to do is to go to outlet malls and stop into random stores and try a bunch of things on.

She seemed unmoved by my methods of shopping, as indicated by her eye ball roll.  That was when she explained to me that her real problem is her arms and that she hates the way they look.  Apparently she is exercising with her daughter but is bothered about it because she doesn't want to lift weights and make her arms even bigger than they are now.

This was when I told her that my largest insecurities are around my arms as well and that I have always thought that that my arms are way too big.  She checked out my arms and said that she would die to have arms like mine!  Ha!  So funny!  I thanked her very much for the compliment and tried again to let her know how she could find a dress that worked for her as well.

She thanked me, I finished my purchase, and I left, laughing!  Too funny.  We humans are so funny about what we are insecure about.

Love you!

Love yourself!

Yes, even your arms!


  1. Your arms look fine - as evidenced by the salesperson but her comments were priceless! Her fears about her arms hit home as I do not want to run again for fear of getting that muscular calf look which I don't want...



  2. Nadine,
    Don't worry about your arms, they are fine. As a crossdresser, my body insecurity is my neck. I have a 19 inch neck. I am 5'-8" and 190 pounds. No double chins and relatively low BMI. Dressed, the rest of me looks fine, but the neck looks like an NFL fullback neck. It is not the easiest thing to hide.
    In the end, we should all be grateful. Take the good with the bad.
    Gendre Amore
    PS: my arms are bigger than yours also, even though I haven't lifted weights in four yours. I like reading your blog Nadine.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I've often thought my neck is also large, but I agree we should learn to take the good with the bad.