Sunday, July 16, 2017

Already Pretty Article

For those of you who don't know today I have an article up at Already Pretty.  This was a very interesting article for me to write.  Obviously it is about something that I have been pondering as most of my article are, but with this one I had the fabulous opportunity to work with Sally McGraw, owner of Already Pretty.  If you are unaware she has set aside her blogging and as she describes herself:

Sally McGraw is a freelance ghostwriter, editor, and copy writer who specializes in non-fiction books and book proposals.

Thus what happened was that I wrote a super rough draft.  So rough that I am surprised that I sent it off to her, but without even a second read over, which I should have done, I sent it off to Sally.  She put it into a Google Doc, and edited the heck out of it, which it surely needed!  When I received it back, it had all of these cool editing notes on the side of it which I could just accept or reject and it automatically changed my document to her edits or left it alone.  She also included some notes off to the side to help me further flesh out and clarify aspects of the article.

It took a few back and forths between she and I until we were both satisfied with the article and decided it was ready for publishing at Already Pretty.  Thus that is what is up there today and I encourage you to go read it as I think it is worth your time!  Ha!

Okay, maybe you're not heading over there right now, but if you are a writer, do you know what you should really do?  Get in touch with Sally and utilize her services!  She is a doll to work with and I SO enjoyed the process of working with a real editor.  I am so grateful for her services because in the end, whose writing gets to look all polished and fancy, yup that's right, mine!  I wrote some slop, and she turned it into a gem!

Seriously, if you are in need of her services, Sally is fabu!

My love to you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info I know all to well the struggles we go through after 70 yeas of agonizing I just go and do what I want any more

    1. Thanks Susie. The article I write for Already Pretty are geared towards the cis gender crowd. I know that many of us are very familiar with the struggles we face, many know it far better than I do. But the cis community, not so much!