Sunday, June 11, 2017

Friday Kittens on Sunday!

Here is Obi Wan and Luke.  Luke has the habit of standing on his hind legs; so cute!!

Isn't Luke super cute!!

Oh, I finally got a shot of Puddin's cute belly!  He looks like his is mostly black from his back, but you can see now that he has all sorts of white on his belly!

Here is our giant, Gordo, looking huge!

Obi-Wan sittin in the sun.

Another super cute one of Gordo!

Obi-Wan sitting in the sun still.

And lastly, Gordo attacking Ob-Wan!

Oh we finally found out what genitals that they all have.  Let's see, we have two penises and two vaginas, Ha!  I'm hilarious!  Obi-Wan and Puddin are both penis holders and Luke and Gordo have vaginas.  I think that is right.  Actually I have not paid very close attention to the whole what genitals do they have thing!

Hope you all are lovely!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Love kittens!

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