Thursday, June 22, 2017

Distraction Time!

Right now, I am not supposed to be writing a blog post, I am supposed to be working on my therapy!  But I seem to be side stepping it, oh my!  My therapist has sent me home with a transgender questionnaire/survey.  She told me that many people prefer to have some time to ponder over the questions instead of just having them thrown at them point blank in a session.  I really appreciate the opportunity to think about things, but maybe some times it is too much time to ponder.  With so much time to ponder, I often think, Oh, I've got plenty of time!

Ha!  Plenty of time!  When in my life have I actually had plenty of time?  Oh that's right, that is what childhood is for!

Okay, so quick recap of my therapy - Tuesday was the first time I went to a gender therapist in person.  Oh course, wouldn't you know it, I got lost in trying to find her office!  Ugh!!  It drove me bonkers!  Thanks city of Fresno for your gloriously awful street signs!  Thanks GPS for your dorkery!  And thank me for swearing off paper maps!  Ha, paper maps, how crazy.  Who uses paper maps anymore?

Oh right, quick recap, okay so I went to therapy on Tuesday, yes I was late, but she had no patients after me and actually met with me for an hour and forty five minutes!  My appointment was supposed to be 1.5 hours and I was a half an hour late.  So this lady was frickin awesome to put that much time into me!  Thank you!

Oh and what did I wear you ask?  Well I went in a non-conforming manner.  I was dressed in all female clothes, but no makeup and no hair.  So in that manner I think I am taken as basically male, but super non-conforming!

Quick, right?  Who me?  Alrighty so I set my dial to Talk and the other to My Gender and I babbled away for pretty much the entire time!  It was over too quickly, boo!  But she asked when I could come in again, and I said um.... tomorrow!  Well she did have an appointment for Thursday, which happens to be today.

So here I sit at about 6 in the morning, trying to finish up my survey before this afternoons appointment and what am I doing, blogging like a fool of course!

Okay.  Gotta run!  I've got things to do!

Love you!

Love yourself!

I'm trying REAL hard I tell you what!

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  1. One of the plusses of being trans is that it can be a wonderful way to divert our minds from other stresses that invade our lives. The escape of engaging in the pleasures we find in our dressing helps in many ways.