Monday, May 29, 2017

Some Color in My Clothes & My New Wig

Skirt - Max Studio - Similar
Tank - Guess - Similar
Sweater - 89th & Madison - Similar

I don't know how many of you are wig wearers like myself, but getting a new wig is so weird.  Maybe, if you wear wigs, you have a different experience than myself.  For the last few times that I have purchased a wig, I have gotten the same wig.  The same style, the same color, everything.  So I expect that my new hair will look just like my old hair.  But it never turns out that way.

What does happen is that the new hair arrives and I excitedly try it on for the first time and it doesn't look like me.  That is SO weird.  I suppose though that it is the same thing as getting your hair cut, and maybe not expecting the actual results.  I mean sure it is the same you, but because it looks different that it is hard to recognize yourself.  That is what happens to me every time I get a new wig, even the same wig.

If I wasn't getting the same wig, then I would totally understand why I don't see myself, it's a new wig!  Duh!  But even with purchasing the same wig, no two wigs are exactly the same.  Well, it is easier with straight hair, but with curly hair, each curl sits a little differently, especially around the face.  I find as well that a wig changes with wear.  Sure it gets a little worn, but that is often a good thing.  With mine, they pick up a bit of oil, the cap stretches out a bit, the curls relax, it begins to feel like my own hair as it molds itself to me. 

So anywho... yeah, my hair looks a bit different to me in these photos.  So if it does to you as well, now you know why!  Exciting, right

This outfit is a bit different for me.  Did you notice I am wearing something other than black and white?  Crazy!  It was super tough finding anything that looked good to me with this skirt.  I super love the skirt, but it was difficult finding a top that look right with it.  I do like the blue, but it is generally not like me to wear just a tank top while out and about.  I often did not have the sweater on, though I didn't get a picture without it.  So uh yeah, there's that!

Hope you all are doing well!  
Love you!
Love yourself!


  1. I do like your new hairstyle. Vivien

    1. Thanks Vivien!! You were up early this morning!

    2. Thanks to the WWW, I check out your latest postings each evening, from here in Australia.

  2. Stunning. Thanks for sharing.

    Clare B.

    1. Thanks Clare, quite the complement!

    2. You take such good care of yourself. A figure like yours needs to be shown off!

      You should wear tank tops more often. They are so flattering.

      Clare B

    3. Thanks! I do try. Sometimes too hard. This past weekend I decided I need to eat more as I felt as though I had dropped too much weight. Yikes!