Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kitten Update #2

Our kittens are doing quite well and are so super cute!  I think they are actually getting cuter each and every day!  Can it be?  Possibly.

The above photo is Ichi.  She was born first.  Well in reality we don't know what the gender is of any of the kittens as of yet.  Would gender be the right term for a cat?  Do cats have gender?  Maybe for cats it is just about genitals.  What genitals do my kittens have?  I don't know!

This is our big puppy Indy and the mother cat Luna.  Hiding under the table is Gordo.  Is that bad?  He's really fluffy?  Are we fat shaming our kitten?

This is our older dog Buddy, taking a sniff and giving a shove onto Yon.  We initially named all of the kittens by birth order with Japanese numbers.  San and Ni have so far found replacement names, but not so for Ichi and Yon.

I have decided that Ichi is the model of the group.  I mean seriously, look at that photo!

Oh and how about this one?  They are such the ham!  Is that a better gender reference?  Actually in real life I go back and forth between calling them either male or female pronouns.  I laugh about it!

Yon was initially all white.  She is the one in the photo at the top as well.  When you compare the two you can totally see that she is slowly developing dark patches; so cute!!  

The protective mother with Gordo.

This is Puddin trying to figure out what that great big thing is.


That's it.

Love you!

Love kittens!!


  1. Can we make kittens on Friday a thing? Because I needed kitten cuteness this morning! So thank you!

    1. Great idea Julie! I will keep that in mind, but no promises.