Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Kittens

Well last Friday I had a suggestion that I make Friday kittens a thing on my blog.  While I am not making any promises about the future, I considered the idea and was able to throw something together for today.

Featured up top is an attempt by Jules to get a family portrait!  Ha!  Good luck honey!  Of course the chill one, the model kitty, Obi Wan, who used to be Ichi, is just sitting there saying "hey guys, relax, lets get our picture taken."

Another attempt at the family photo.  Whose facing the camera again?  That's right, the model kitten, Obi Wan.  Everybody else is oblivious to the camera except for wanting that annoying flashing thing to leave them alone!

Here is a great shot of Gordo looking completely stunned.  He is so big.  Way bigger than all of the rest of them.  He is also super fluffy.  Currently we suspect he is going to be a long haired cat.

Here we have Puddin about to attack Gordo.  Being black cats they are a difficult pair to good photos of.  

This guys name used to be Yon, but recently we have switched it to Luke.  Yes, Luke Skywalker.  Well, we had Obi Wan, so of course we needed Luke right?  We are such nerds!  Ha!

So here is a reason that Obi Wan got his name, look at him just sittin there chillin!  He found himself a little nook and thought he'd just set a spell and check out what's happenin in the kitchen!

Well, I think I referred to everyone today as male, huh?  Maybe.  But honestly we still don't know any of their bits.  Occasionally we will look, make a guess, and then shrug our shoulders.  Is it any surprise that we are not all that concerned about it?

I think it will be funny if Obi Wan and Luke end up being female.  They will totally keep their names; I mean why not right?


Love you!

Love yourself!

Love, Love!


  1. Thank you - a thousand times thank you! I have an ear to ear grin!

    1. You are more than welcome Julie! Glad you enjoyed it!