Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Kittens - Portraits

What a beautiful picture of Puddin.  Well all except for the fact that she has a bit of cat litter stuck to her face.  That is never an attractive look.  But of course, after I removed it, all the rest of the shots were nowhere as good as this one.  Boo, hiss!!

Obi Wan in her typical model pose.  She is such a contemplative kitten, it is so cute!

Gordo is SO much bigger than everyone else.  And her fur is SO soft still.  We are wondering if she is going to grow out of it or not.

And lastly we have Luke, looking dapper.  We are still super curious as to what she will look like when she is all grown up.  Lighter cats tend to change colors quite a bit.  She still has her blue eyes and we fully doubt that she will keep them, but we are crossing our fingers!

Okie dokie!  

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Love kittens loving you!

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