Friday, April 21, 2017

White Tunic

Tunic - White House Black Market - Similar
Jeans - Levi:Denizens
Sweater - 69th & Madison - Similar
Shoes - Born-O-Concept - Similar

This was an outfit that I wore about a week or two ago.  Jules and I decided to go get our nails done, which we have not been doing lately.  We so love getting our nails done by somebody else, but we have been attempting to save a bit of money and nails are a bit of a luxury.  Unfortunately!!

Anywho.... I like wearing these jeans to get my nails done as I can easily just roll them up and dip my feet into the lovely warm water.  With most of my jeans they are far too tight to be able to easily roll them up.  Generally when the weather is warm enough I will just wear shorts or a skirt to get my nails done, but with the colder weather, jeans it is!

Besides, have you ever noticed that the standard female outfit these days is jeans?  Well I have.  It tends to be a bit odd while being the only one in the nail salon wearing something except for jeans!  But frequently that is where I find myself.  Oh well!

Okie dokie - that's it for this awesomely exciting captivating post!  Yay!

Love you!

Love yourselves.

Seriously, it is important.

Oh but I suppose that I should say a bit more about what I mean with that.  In my estimation, it is not just a simple, love yourself, because you are beautiful!  Yeah, I kind of border on that being a bit of BS.  Rather, how about we love ourselves enough to DO what we need to DO to show love to ourselves?

For me, that often means working my ass off getting shit done so that I can actually relax when I sit down.  Or it means facing my fears to push myself to actually be the person I want to be.  So when I say that I love myself, it means I am willing to work hard actually doing something to show myself the love that I so deeply crave.

Does that even make any sense?

I hope so!

Because I am able to love myself more than I ever have before, but it has taken ACTIVE participation, not just a resignation or acceptance.


Love you!

Love yourself!

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