Monday, April 10, 2017

Max Tara Breast Form Review

You may remember one of my recent posts about forgetting my breast forms at a hotel, which meant that I am in need of some replacement boobs.  The ones that I lost were from The Breast Form Store, and retailed for about $200.  Wow!  I decided to try the Max Tara forms above being as they were selling for about $23 a piece and they do sell them separately, as a left and a right.  But still they were less than a fourth of the price of the lost ones.

Being as I am an Amazon Prime member, I got the new forms in about 2 days from ordering.  Which is awesome!!  They arrived in the standard Amazon packaging, and it has been a couple of months since I got them, so I totally forget how they were individually packaged inside of the Amazon box.  They arrived in fine condition though.

My immediate thoughts were, they were huge, and super soft!  I purchased the 300 gram size.  I thought that would be an okay size as they were advertised as an A or a B cup breast.  Part of the problem with this is that cup size is a ratio with your band size.  If you put a 300 gram breast on someone with a 36 inch band, it will appear much bigger than if it is on someone with a 42 inch band.  For your reference, generally I wear a 38B bra.  I would prefer a 38A, but that is a super uncommon size.  So I settle for a 38B.

Thus, with these breast forms, I had to go through all of my bras and figure out which ones would work with these forms.  The sad truth was that none of them worked.  They were way too big.  The other thing about these forms is that they kind of have two wings.  One extends up and one extends to the side.  It can give the impression of a more full breast.  But it also means that it needs to have a larger more full coverage bra.  Lucky for me, Jules has kept about every single bra she has ever owned and allowed me to rummage through her leftovers.  I found some that worked, but that put me up to a 38C/36D OMG!  Way too big for me!

What I do like about these forms though is how soft they are.  They are more squishy than my lost ones and Jules and I both feel as though they have a very good feel to them.  They are very breast like in consistency.  Oh and something else I forgot to mention, they are also lightly concave.  And one more thing, there are nipples, but they are not very prominent and they are not a different color in anyway.

Overall, for the price, they are super good!  They are just way too big for me.  I think I need something like half of that size.  Oh..... and as well, generally I don't wear my forms while out and about dressed as a woman.  They tend to be something quick, simple, and easy for me to just pop in and give me a some boos while hanging out.  That could be why I think they are too big; they don't suit my purposes.

Hmmm...... the last thing I might say is that overall, I really didn't see much differences between the $45 dollar breast forms and the $200 ones.  You would think that for $200 they would be so totally amazing that they would put anything else to shame!  Alas, that is not my experience.  While I am not happy with this pair, and I will continue to try and find something better for my needs, I can't see justifying such expensive forms as the ones I lost.

And further, The Breast Form Store, a great place BTW, has breasts that sell for like $400.  What do they do?  Shoot fireworks out of the nipples?  What?  What could it be for $400?  And that is why I think some people will buy them.  For $400, they must be just like real boobs!  But seriously, I don't think they would be any better than bargain priced boobs.

Okie dokie!  I will continue to update you on my newest boob search!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Love trying out new boobs!

Oh - and while yes I do receive some compensation as a result of you clicking some of my links, I did not receive any special compensation for reviewing these breast forms.


  1. FYI: I am a 40A (ya I know my name is bob40B, 40B is my size with forms). I get a lot of my bras from and they have a way to search for bras by size. I tried searching for 38A and found a decent variety of bras.