Friday, March 31, 2017

Nice Hat

The second compliment that I received today was "nice hat."  This was said to me by the gentleman that was standing behind me in line as I waited to make my next appointment with the dermatologist.  As soon as I finished up, I turned around, smiled at the man behind me, and he complimented my hat.  I really like this hat as well and have received more than one compliment on it.  

About a half an hour earlier I received my first compliment, "Nice shoes!"  The nurse was referencing my awesome polka dot converse.  We then had a conversation about real Converse versus fake Converse.  She was surprised that I was a die hard real Converse fanatic.  I giggled to myself and thought, uhh... did you not even see my shirt?

I thought it was super funny because, as usual, I was doing me, and what felt good to me.  But.... I was also doing me in that I was feeling a bit self conscious about my outfit.  Though not overtly feminine necessarily, at least not as my typical female outfits are, I was still dressed head to toe in female clothing.  I was also wearing a bra with enough padding to give me some shape.  So naturally I thought well, of course this woman notices what I am wearing and knows I am dressed as a woman.  But nope, this woman hadn't notice my clothing, so much so that she didn't even notice the giant shiny Converse symbol on the front of my shirt.

As soon as I was done giggling over this little tickler, I soon found myself in the interesting position of needing to remove my shirt and lie down on the doctor's table.  Why is it that this particular thing was a bit off for me?  Well the nurse that led me into the room, the one who complemented me on my killer shoes, she was apparently staying in the room as I was to take my shirt off.  Oh and yeah, I already mentioned to you that I was wearing a bra, with some small extra pads didn't I?

So uh yeah, to recap, I was wearing a bra with some pads and was needing to basically show this to her.  I thought about it briefly.  Which was probably just a moment or two, but it felt like forever.  The nurse was involved in prepping for the upcoming procedure and I took off my shirt as any other normal person would.  And then I did the extra ordinary thing of taking out my little pads and took off my bra.

It was truly spectacular.  Spectacularly ordinary.  No big deal.  The doctor came in, did the procedure, which was to remove a skin cyst if you must know, and the appointment was over.  I got dressed while she was still in the room, but I opted not to wear a bra.  I mean they did just slice into my back a few minutes prior!

So uh yeah, that happened.  I thought it was funny.  Another example of facing your fears one small act at a time.

Okay peeps!  I hope that you all are doing well!!

Love you!

Love yourselves!!

Hate cysts!!


  1. A Converse Star t-shirt? Pretty neat. I know that there are fans of Cons and I guess we count you in that batch.

    1. Oh, for sure Pat! My wife got me hooked. I also really like the various styles that one can wear, regardless of which gender they are marketed towards.