Thursday, March 2, 2017

Love This Suit Fabric Dress

Dress - White House Black Market - Similar
Shoes - Naturalizer - Similar 
Belt - Mossimo - Similar

This dress caught my eye during my last shopping trip for a variety of reasons.  First off, I really do like the color.  I mean I am a black and white girl, but shades of grey are within that realm, right?  Well I think they are.  As well, I really like the stitching on this dress.  They did the stitching in curves, which really adds a great element to it.  I don't know if you can see the stitching all that well in the above photo.  I think it comes out better in the photo below.

I wore this dress while Jules and I were in Long Beach and it was super chilly!  If you were around LA during this time, it was over the President's Day Weekend when that wicked storm came in a flooded everything.  So it was pretty darn chilly!  But I had brought the dress specifically to wear out to dinner on this evening, so I braved the chilliness and went for it!

Okie dokie folks!

Hope you are well!

Love you!

Love yourself!