Friday, March 24, 2017

Finally A Day For Fun

Sweater - White House Black Market - Similar
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind - Similar
Boots - Nine West - Similar
Belt - Mossimo - Similar

I finally took the time to go out and have some fun!  What has been absorbing my days you ask?  Why thank you!  Well, let me tell you, I have gotten it into my head to do a major remodeling project on my house.  What am I remodeling?  Well, I am removing the texture from all of my walls and all of my ceilings.  Fun stuff!!  I SO love spending hours upon hours with a sander above my head sanding ceilings.  OMG, so much fun!!  The thing about it is, I love how it looks once it is done.  Thus it motivates me to keep going.  But, I don't leave much time for myself to get out and have any fun!

On this day though, I took a day off from working, my regular job, and my home remodeling job, and my various hobbies, that actually are just other exhausting jobs and Jules and I went to the movies!  Yay!  Movie day!  We decided to go see Logan.  I heard Hugh Jackman explain it as being totally different from any other Marvel type of comic movie, and I would have to agree with him.  We enjoyed it, but it is an emotional journey, if you have been watching any of these movies that is.

Being super exhausted I wanted to wear something that is super comfy for me.  This combo of items fits that bill.  I really like the sweater.  It has patterns, black and white, and just a dash of color.  The pants are some of my faves.  Super comfy and a nice color wash.  The boots are also some of my old time favorites.  I like how tight they are and they make my feet look small!

I hope that you all are doing well!  Wow, looking back, I think I have only gotten fully dressed a handful of times within the last few months.  I started this home remodel quest several months ago and it is so time consuming!  I work all week long, and occasionally on the weekends for just my regular job, and to then come home and try and fit in a ginormous amount of work at home is just a bit exhausting.  Weird.  I put off doing this part of my house for at least ten years.  Now that I am engaged in it I just want to work, work, work until it is finished!

Well, guess what?  I woke up super early because this blog was on my mind.  Now that I have been awake for a few hours, and have finally written a bit of filler for these pages, it is time for me to go back to my house improvement project!  Yay!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Free yourself from your own constraints of what you think you can do!


  1. You look great in that outfit and more importantly you look happy in that outfit.
    Good luck on the home project. We are in the middle of a major work. We had a very old and rundown house that we decided to knock down and replace with a modular. We have been at war with our builder for months.

    1. Thanks Pat! I was happy, happy to not be working! Ha! Good luck on getting your work done.

  2. Great picture, great outfit. Thanks once again for sharing.