Monday, March 13, 2017


One of the things I really enjoy doing is baking.  I have enjoyed it since a young kid and I continue to really enjoy it.  Though I do think it is a bit funny how many people tell me that they are so impressed by my baking talents and that it is amazing.  Maybe it is because they perceive me to be a male and are stereotypical in their gender assigned roles in life, i.e. men can't cook!  Ha!  Either assumption is wrong!  That men can't cook, and that I am a mere male! Ha!

Anywho....... I have really gotten much more into cookie making as of late.  I have inherited a family cookie cookbook and am currently working my way through it attempting to make every cookie in the book.  The book isn't that awesome of a thing.  It's not like some family heirloom.  It is just a Betty Crocker Cookie Book from like 1962 or some such thing.  I mean that does make it about 50-60 years old huh?

Okay, so I am making lots of cookies lately and one of the things I have struggled with is consistent cookie size.  It finally occurred to me to search Amazon for cookie scoops.  I mean, duh!  What took me so long??  It's almost as if I'm just an amature at all of this cooking stuff!  Ha!

Well Jules ended up buying me some different sized scoops for this past Christmas and I was super happy.  Until I took them out of their package.  Uh... super cheap!  I mean super super cheap!!  So cheap that one of the three was already broken and I didn't even care.  I told her, thank you very much but just send them back.  Off I went then onto the search for the awesome-est cookie scoops ever!

I happened upon the Jenaluca scoops.  They had pretty good reviews and appeared to be of high quality craftsmanship.  I took a gamble and ordered them.  I say a gamble, because they were some of the highest priced scoops available on Amazon.

Anywho...... they arrived in the mail and I excitedly opened them.  Immediately I could tell they are a high quality product.  They are made out of good material and are of an excellent design.  But low I was dismayed when I tried the smallest scoop and it stuck a minor amount.  Jules said I should just go with it as it still worked.  But really, when making cookies, lots of cookies, I really don't want anything to stick ever.  Besides for the price, who wants a mostly good product?  Nobody!

I thought about it for a day or so and then I emailed Jenaluca and explained what happened.  Within a day or two I got a reply that said how sorry they were and asked where they could send the replacement scoop.  Shocking!  I didn't even provide a receipt or anything!  I gave them my address and within two days, I had a replacement school at my door.  Inside the box was the new scoop, which operated perfectly, and the kicker?  They included a handwritten note explaining how sorry they were for their negligence in having provided a product that clearly missed their quality control!

Wow!  I was simply amazed by their customer service!  I mean they make a great product, but to also give such awesome customer service, they have earned a customer for life!  I am really curious what else this awesome company makes!

So..... if you are in the market for awesome scoops, check out Jenaluca!


I know this is just a lowly little blog and all.

And I know that I gain something off of advertising products and you clicking on them.

But seriously!  These things are great and this company rocks!

Love you!

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