Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Shopping Diet

Recently I was up near my favorite outlet mall, Livermore CA outlets.  I think the real name is something like San Francisco Premium Outlets, or some such thing.  Anywho..... I didn't have much in mind that I wanted to shop for, except for a relaxing time at the mall.  And I did relax, but I also found way too many cute items that apparently I just had to have.

Low is me.  How could it be possible that I have such a large selection of clothes at home and yet I found myself gobbling up clothes, because I liked the, because I was stressed, and because they were on sale for such great prices!  Yay!  It did help me to feel a bit better about having to work through my three day weekend.  Well to be fair, I did only have to work two of those days and the third I got to shop!

But while driving home; a three hour trip, I began to ponder about my obsession with clothes and with shopping in particular.  Fine, have a clothes obsession.  Wear as many items of clothing as I would like.  But, why do I find relief in buying clothes?  What is it about the act of shopping that brings me such comfort and joy?

Could it be all of the years of me yearning to buy female clothes instead of male clothes?  All of the years of repressing desires has now resulted in a clothes purchasing whore?  Okay maybe whore is a bit extreme.  I mean I didn't buy everything that I saw or tried on.  I was selective.  I did only purchase what I thought I would actually wear.  I purchased things that were on super sales and were excellent bargains!

But really..... did I need to buy them?  And that answer has to be a super no!  No, I don't need more clothes.  I have more female clothes than I can actually wear.  And that is pretty darn depressing!  I love so many of my clothing items and yet I have so few opportunities to actually wear them.  Seriously I could probably create enough outfits to wear something different appearing every day for several months.  How many months?  I couldn't even tell you for sure how long I could go creating cute outfits from my already purchased clothes.

So..... I have decided to join my wife on her diet.  My fix happens to be clothes, and not food.  Her vice is yummy morsels.  Anywho.... a few weeks ago she decided to go on a diet.  It appears as though she will be attempting to diet for about the next year.  So I have decided to attempt to not shop for anymore female clothes for the next year!  Wow!  A year?  Yup, a year!

Wish me luck blog-o-sphere!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love what you have!

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  1. A year?!?! No way! I agree with you n dieting the clothing intake, but I think one really needs a few seasonal things. So maybe you should cut back to 4 times this year (you're one down) rather than 0.

    1. A good thought, but no.... trust me, I have plenty for every season! Though I do think that I may have to buy some supporting clothes, like replacement cups for some of the bralettes I wear daily. Those things just do not hold up in the wash!

  2. It is called "retail therapy". Can be very expensive.

    Good luck to both of you on your "diets".

    Clare B.

  3. I agree with Jennifer. You might need a couple of opportunities for changes in fashion trends.
    Charlene 🔆

    1. Thanks Charlene! I don't really follow trends though, so I think that will be a non-issue for me.

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