Thursday, January 19, 2017

Casual Shopping Outfit

Jeans - Levi:Denizens
Shoes - Saucony - Similar
Belt - Mossimo - Similar

This past Monday, on MLK day, I did not have to go to work and I happened to be near my favorite outlet mall, the Livermore Outlet mall.  I think it actually called San Francisco Premium Outlets or some such thing as that.  To all of my Bay Area friends, sorry that I was unable to get in touch with you while I was up in that area, it was just a super busy working weekend for me.  But, the nice thing was, that I had Monday off!  Yay!

Thus I decided to reward myself for my hard work, and working an extra couple of days by a bit of a shopping trip.  When I go shopping I like to pick my outfit carefully.  First thing I chose was my shoes.  You seriously need sensible shoes while shopping.  Well at least I do as I walk quite a bit while shopping.  The other thing I look for in a shopping outfit is ease of removal and re-dressing.  The clothes I chose should be easy to take off and put on as I straight up refuse to buy things without trying them on.  One other thing I purposefully wore on this shopping trip was the belt.  I like this particular belt as it goes so tremendously well without almost all of my outfits.  By having it along it allowed me to try it out with several different looks to see how it would work.

 On this shopping day I visited a few of my favorite stores.  White House Black Market happening to be one of them.  At that location I experienced one of the highlights of the day.  The sales associates there almost always will ask me if I would like for them to start a dressing room for me.  To which I will respond, yes!  They then will ask for your name.  This time I told them my name was Kelly.  To which she smiled and said, thanks Kelly, without skipping a beat.  If you remember I have had problems using Nadine in these situations.  Kelly though worked out perfectly!  I was super happy with it.  I even responded appropriately when she came back to the dressing room and asked me by name if I was doing alright.  Yay!

Okie dokie!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love selective shopping!!

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