Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Skinny Jeans & Cheetah Heels

Shoes - Kelly and Katie - Similar

This was a funny evening outfit for me.  We had a really full weekend with all sorts of things to get done, but I wanted to go out to dinner.  I spent the morning working furiously on all of my various jobs around the house and decided to get ready around two in the afternoon.  After I got out of the shower I asked Jules what she was thinking about wearing, she said a dress, and asked me what I was wearing.  This is the funny part, normally it is me in a dress and Jules in jeans, but this time I told Jules that I wanted to wear jeans.  Funny.  Hmm... well okay, maybe it does not come across as funny online as it was to me in real life.  Ha!

Anywho.... Jules asked what was up with me wanting to wear jeans.  I told her that it had to do with where we were going to go for dinner, Cattlemens.  It is a local steakhouse and I had gotten a coupon to use during this month as it is my birthday month.  Cattlemens happens to be kind of a down-home restaurant with good ole boys hanging out at the bar in their jeans, cowboy boots, and spurs on.  Well maybe not the spurs, but it is kind of western populated place.  Thus I thought that jeans would be much more appropriate to the venue.  Jules thought about it, and it was jeans for the both of us!

Off we went to Cattlemens.  While there, and stuffing ourselves silly with the endless salad and bread basket, in addition to our sumptuous steak and filling potatoes, I decided that they should change the name of the restaurant to "stuff-yourselves."  We eventually rolled ourselves out, went home and vegged out on the couch watching stupid TV for the rest of the night as we slowly digested our mega meal!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love eating beef!


  1. Stumbled upon your blog using the random "next blog" button. Just wanted to say you are beautiful and I love your style!!!

    1. How random to stumble here! Well thanks for visiting and thanks for the complements!

  2. Love the casual jeans outfit! :)

    Cute shoes too! :)

  3. Love everything about this outfit! The shoes are my fave, super cute.