Monday, October 10, 2016

Dancing Queens!

Jules and I dressed and ready to go attend our first Sparkle event.  If you don't know, Sparkle is a TG ball put on by the River City Gems of Sacramento.  I was a little bit unsure of how the evening was going to go.  Generally speaking, while I have nothing against TG events, I do not attend them.  I am more of an everyday transgender person.  Meaning, I tend to get dressed up and go to everyday places, like the movies, a museum, shopping, Costco, etc.

Oftentimes, from what I have heard, TG events attract folk who don't get everyday opportunities to dress however they would like.  So... hanging out in a hotel conference room, void of windows, with a bunch of people I don't really know, is not always something that piques my interest.  But this year, a friend contacted me and asked if Jules and I would go.  I checked the calendar, and being as it was open, Jules and I decided to be adventurous and head on up to Sacramento for the weekend.

So.... how was it???  It was fine.  Pretty much what I had pictured.  But.... I had a great time.  The venue was okay.  The food was okay.  The entertainment, a comedian, was okay.  But the people were great!  Now, if I had not known anybody prior to going, it might have been a bit different.  As it was, I sat a table where I knew most of the people already, and there were several others I knew at other tables as well.  Due to my continued participation at I had interacted with several people there and finally got to meet them in person, which was super nice!

But the best part of the evening was due to my fabulous wife and her dancing queen spirit!!  Prior to the event, earlier in the day, she and I had a good talk about my VAST insecurities with dancing.  What I kind of discovered is that I have always felt insecure in my dancing as I have always wanted to emulate the females I was watching.  But in doing so I was always looked at as weird, because you know guys don't dance that way!  Anywho... Jules and I went into the hotel room, turned on Dancing Queen and I figured out how to dance a bit more!  Now it didn't turn me into Paula Abdul or anything, but I became a bit more relaxed

Thus during the evening, after the comedian, when the DJ began spinning tunes, I went and changed into the above outfit; people were jelous of my smart choice of dancing shoes!  Jules and I then went back down to the venue and began to boogie our little butts off.  Wow, my wife certainly can dance.  Me, I danced.  I felt FAR more comfortable than I ever have dancing in the past, and I know that a large part of that was because I was finally able to dance while dressed as a girl.  Wow!  It was a quite a bit more freeing than in the past.  I actually really enjoyed myself!  Jules and I rocked that dance floor!  Our enthusiasm also pulled several of our friends out to the floor to get their groove on!

Dancing, that was bar far the best part of the evening.  Well, besides getting to hang out with my friends!

The evening wound down and a few of us went to the hotel bar and hung out for a bit, talking for a little while longer, before returning to our rooms.

Would I go again, um... yeah!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Love Dancing!!


  1. I like your dress. Interesting hoe the sparkles are so muted without flash.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I agree with the sparkles on the dress. It totally photographs differently depending on the light. That's why I wanted to include some different shots of it. It was funny though as the dress littered glitter wherever I went!

  2. Great pictures. You two ladies look great.

  3. Beautiful pictures! So glad you two had fun. Thanks again for sharing.

    Clare B.

  4. You both look terrific and I love the dresses. I am also so glad that Jules is back dancing and that the aftermath of her injury are in the rear view mirror.

    1. Thanks Pat!! Yeah, it's great that Jules was able to get out there and boogie!!

    2. Yeah, I was really happy to cut a rug with such abandoned! We had a great time and although my legs have hurt a little this week, it was totally worth it! We had a great time boogieing the night away!!!