Friday, October 14, 2016

Black & White Tunic

Belt - ???? - Similar
Shoes - Flojo - Similar

I can never remember who makes the belt that I own!!  I always feel bad when I take these photos and I can name the manufacturer of everything that I am wearing except for my belts!  It is a bit funny.  I used to be an obsessive tag remover, but for the last few years I have stopped.  I have this vague notion that maybe when I tire of the clothes that I have, maybe I will go to a 2nd hand store and try and resell them.  But, if they have no tags, then they generally aren't interested.  With belts though, there are no tags to remove.  Once I clip the price tag off, the manufacturers name goes with it.  Hmm.... maybe this should be a shout-out to belt makers, put your name on them in some hidden, non-removable way!  Ha!  Maybe I'm just bonkers!

I wore this outfit while Jules and I went and got our nails done before heading off to Sparkle this past weekend.  Yeah, I am terribly behind on my outfit posts.  I'll tell ya, I am just so darn overwhelmed lately I can barely keep up with everything that I actually want to get done.  I know, I frequently complain here about a vast lack of time, but it is SO true!!  I suppose I just keep myself super busy to ward off the evil voices in my head, and a second, HA!!

Anywho.... Have I mentioned to you before how nice it is to wear blue jeans to get my toes done?  No?  Well, I love it.  Why?  Well often when I get my toes done I wear a skirt.  Then they very politely, and appropriately give me a little towel to wear over my knees.  It works, but it isn't very comfortable.  But a nice pair of stretchy jeans that I can just pull up, ahh, super comfortable.  It wouldn't seem like it, but it is.  Well to me at least, and a third, HA!

Okay.  That is about it for this lovely Friday folks!  This weekend, I need to go fit in, fixing up my duck decoys, shooting practice, continuing to remodel my kitchen, hopefully dress up nice and cute and go out for a steak dinner, oh and work on all of my other side projects, oh and clean my garage, oh and re-stuff insulation into my ceiling.......... oh and yeah I've got to finish my article for Already Pretty....... aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh............... I think I'm going to POP!!!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Stay Busy!!  

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