Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Light Summer Look

Shoes - Guess - Similar
Bracelets - My Own - Etsy

I purchased this top quite some time ago.  So long ago that I actually do not remember when I purchased it.  That means it was awhile ago.  I really liked it when I purchased it, but for some reason it has hung in my closet waiting for the right time.  On this occasion, apparently it was finally the right time.

I do like the look of the top.  It is a nice color, super light weight, and hangs nicely on me.  Now that I see it in these photos, I really don't know why I waited for so long.  Maybe it has to do with my dressing being so limited.  I purchase clothes with super clear intentions of wearing them.  I like the items I buy.  I make sure they actually work for me.  And I come home with things that I like.  I really do.

Yet, so many of my clothes only get a small amount of use out of them.  I really think that it has to do with time.  While I dress in a half and half manner for most of my time, I generally am rather picky about what clothes qualify for my mixed look.  Certain clothes are worn exclusively while I am fully dressed as a woman.  And lately those fully dressed moments have only been a couple of times per month.

So.... what's the answer for my lonely pretty clothes?  Maybe making sure I give myself more dressing times per month, or maybe I should relax my requirements for clothing qualifying as being wearable in a half and half look.

Hmm..... maybe.  Maybe that second thought would be more reasonable.  Really, I am not always so interested in pushing myself to fully dress.  I used to......... you know, these thoughts really deserve their own post.


Love you!

Love yourself!!

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