Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sparkly Pink Lipstick

Tunic - Guess - Similar
Tank Top - Guess - Similar
Skirt - Guess - Similar
Belt - ???? - Similar

In my previous post I wrote about being off at one of my jobs, upon my return to my house Jules asked what I wanted to do, and uh, of course I said - shopping!!  I had two days at home before I was off to another work function for the next week, so even though it was predicted to be over 100 degrees we went for it.

We left early, arrived when the outlets opened, and shopped for a few hours until the heat became too unbearable.  I realized during this trip that I have a bit of a Coach purse obsession.  While strolling through the store I was interested in only about four or five different purses, that I was seriously considering purchasing!  I ended up getting two, which I am sure I will show you at some point.

Upon arriving home, I went out, took my photos for this outfit, and then took this photo of our weather center:

So, uh, yeah, it was a bit hot out there on this day!  A not so perfect shopping day at an outside outlet mall in central California!!  Goodness me it was hot.

The lipstick in these photos is a tester from Urban Decay.  It is Vice Lipstick - Big Bang - Metalized.  Normally I wear the same fairly neutral colored lipstick from Clinique.  But on this super hot day, I thought the bright sparkly pink worked great!!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Only kind of love super warm temps!

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