Monday, August 22, 2016

Pleated Skirt & My Own Etsy Store!!

Shoes - Kelly & Katie

First off, with this outfit, I absolutely adore this skirt.  It is pleated all the way around and it swishes as I walk, which I just adore!  It has such wonderful movement to it that I will often grab it and swish it around and around.  It is such fun!!

Another bit of info --- I have finally opened my own Etsy store!!!  Wow, how exciting!  Well it took a bit of prodding from myself, my wife, and several of my friends, but yesterday I finally got around to setting it up.  Please go check it out, and see if you'd like to custom order something from me.  I'd love to make something special just for you!

Well this summer I am feeling much more confident, or that I just don't care that much, about having my arms out.  I read somewhere that this past July was the hottest on record, and it sure felt like it!  So to help with that brutal heat in California's Central Valley, you sometimes just need to ditch the arm covers!  Yikes!

Okie dokie everyone!  Thanks so much for reading.

Go checkout my Etsy!! Order yourself something special, from your's truly, the cross dressing woodworker!

Love you!

Love yourselves!!

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