Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Nice Cool 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

Shorts - Guess - Similar

On this day it was predicted to once again be above 100 degree Fahrenheit, but alas, I needed to make a run to CostCo.  Jules and I have friends coming next weekend and we needed things at CostCo that would be running out soon.  She was headed to the supermarket and to get her hair cut, so I was off on my own.

Being as it was going to be so super hot, I knew that I needed to wear something small!  This tunic is something I picked up recently and thought it would be perfect for the day.  But, as is often the case with tunics, they are not quite long enough to wear all by themselves.  Thus I snuck the shorts underneath it.  I thought it may have looked a bit unusual to onlookers, as it certainly looked as though I was wanting to "showcha-my-chocha!"  Ha!  Oh well, if that is what they thought, then whatever!  I knew that I wasn't showing anything, so whatever, right??

I knew it was going to be hot, thus I took off early in the morning with the intent of getting their just as it opened.  Lucky for me, I arrived about a half hour early.  Lucky I say, because then I was able to shoot down to the outlet stores and search for a pair of girl jeans that I could wear while presenting as a guy.

I'm a bit picky about the jeans I wear nowadays.  I really like jeans and I have many pairs of male jeans, and female jeans, but only a two pairs of female jeans I feel comfortable wearing to work.  They would Levi Denizen jeans that I purchased from Target.  Anywho.... into Guess I went and attempted to pick out female jeans that weren't too female.  Funny huh??

Pair after pair I tried on and set aside.  It was actually quite funny.  I wanted female jeans, but not too female.  How did that work?  Well I finally settled on a $30 pair that was straight legged, a bit tight in the thighs, a little loose in the calves, and a couple of sizes larger in the waist than I would buy if I was planning on wearing them while presenting as a woman.  It was an odd jean buying experience, but something that I came away from with quite a smile on my face.

I finished up with the pair of jeans, scooted off to CostCo, did my shopping, hit Trader Joes, and then was off back to home.  Of course, once I got back, I had to take some outfit photos, and it turned out that it was only 104 degrees Fahrenheit!  What a nice cool refreshing day! Ha!

Okay, that's it for today folks!  Hope you are staying cool out there!  But hopefully you are not in the flooding areas of the US.  Weirdo weather!

Love you!

Love shorts under short tunics!

Love yourself!

Seriously try to love yourself.

(I had someone today inquire about my painted nails at work and I told them that I don't always conform to what people think males should and shouldn't do.  And that even though it scares the heck out of me and I still think I am going to be pitchforked and torched, that I am trying hard to love myself.  And that having my nails painted and presenting as male is something I do to try and help myself to love myself.)

So seriously, do something to help you love yourselves!!