Friday, July 29, 2016

Showing Some Leg!

Dress - Xhiliration - Similar
Shoes - Ralph Lauren - Similar
Shorts (unseen) - Guess - Similar

I really like this simple little dress.  It is nice and light and airy for a super hot summer day.  It has long sleeves, which cover up my man arms; which I love!!  It is also lace, so even though it is long sleeve, it is not hot at all.  In some ways, because the sleeves are long, it actually helps to keep me cool by keeping the sun off of my arms.

The one thing that concerns me about this dress is how short it is.  Maybe I am just taller, maybe this dress is just shorter, but anywho.... if I bend over incorrectly then I will end up flashing my whole butt!!  Crazy!  So.... to solve that potentially embarrassing situation I decided to where shorts underneath the dress.  They are cute shorts so it didn't really matter if they showed or not, but they didn't end up showing, so that's cool too!

Of course, I had the catus-interuptus shot!

Another couple of shots for you!

Okay folks!  That's it for today!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love cats!


  1. Cool dress, good color, and the flair of the bottom part/skirt looks good, too. Nice cat as well. :)

    D (in Summer hibernation)

  2. That is a short dress! Shorts help the bend over issue and wind, but dudes will look! For me, my bike short tan is so pronounced, I have to go longer.