Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bright Nails!

Shorts - I & M Jeans - Similar

I wore a very similar outfit about a week ago when Jules and I were headed to the movies, but unfortunately that trip did not end up going so well for us.  Jules had some issues that we needed to end up spending the day helping her out with.  Thus when this past Friday I had another opportunity to dress and go get our nails done, I picked almost the same outfit.  The only difference is that a week ago I had on a mini skirt instead of the shorts.  But the skirt is almost the same color as the shorts and thus created a very similar look.

Anywho..... on this day Jules and I went and got our nails done.  I wanted some super bright color for summer.  It turned out nice!!

Now I have little highlighters on my fingertips!!  Exciting!!

I really like this top.  Can you guess as to why?

Yeah, the decolletage!  I also took one without my glasses on, that I think looks good!

Okay folks, just a quick outfit post!!

Love you all!!

Love yourself!!

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