Friday, July 29, 2016

Showing Some Leg!

Dress - Xhiliration - Similar
Shoes - Ralph Lauren - Similar
Shorts (unseen) - Guess - Similar

I really like this simple little dress.  It is nice and light and airy for a super hot summer day.  It has long sleeves, which cover up my man arms; which I love!!  It is also lace, so even though it is long sleeve, it is not hot at all.  In some ways, because the sleeves are long, it actually helps to keep me cool by keeping the sun off of my arms.

The one thing that concerns me about this dress is how short it is.  Maybe I am just taller, maybe this dress is just shorter, but anywho.... if I bend over incorrectly then I will end up flashing my whole butt!!  Crazy!  So.... to solve that potentially embarrassing situation I decided to where shorts underneath the dress.  They are cute shorts so it didn't really matter if they showed or not, but they didn't end up showing, so that's cool too!

Of course, I had the catus-interuptus shot!

Another couple of shots for you!

Okay folks!  That's it for today!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love cats!

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Shout Out to

The other day I needed to update my payment information for my domain name registration for this blog.  Unfortunately this needed to be done over the phone.  I say unfortunately as I find things along those lines to be far easier if I can do it online.  Plus this particular company is an East Coast company, with East Coast customer support.  Thus I had avoided doing this for quite awhile.

Upon phoning the company, I was placed on hold and into the queue.  After a few seconds I was speaking with a nice sounding lady.  Of course, as I knew would happen, once we had the payment information done she began trying to sell me on a longer domain name period, at a discount.

Of course she already knew my domain name, and mentioned how catchy it was; which I of course appreciated.  But then she asked what my site was about.  Without missing a beat, I told her that I run a transgender fashion blog.  Also without missing a beat, she said, 'hey that's cool.'  She then told me about her male friend that she knew as a female child and how proud she was of him.  She was super respectful about the appropriate pronouns, to the point that it impressed me.

That was about when she told me that she was going to load my site so that she could take a look at it.  Of course this scared the crap out of me!  I mean, okay I might come off as pretty confident, but in real life I am not always so!  She told me that my site loaded and then commented that she liked the layout and design and then mentioned that I was also very good looking!

We chatted for awhile, she mentioned some prices, offered me a good deal, which I accepted, and then we were done.  The call maybe lasted for only about 15 minutes.  Afterwards, I was so impressed with the professionalism of this customer service rep that it left me glowing!

So.... it may not be the cheapest out there, but with this one phone call, with this one lady, this company has one me over for life.  I wish I knew her name, but alas, I neglected to get it.  Oh well!

Love you!

Accept yourself!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bright Nails!

Shorts - I & M Jeans - Similar

I wore a very similar outfit about a week ago when Jules and I were headed to the movies, but unfortunately that trip did not end up going so well for us.  Jules had some issues that we needed to end up spending the day helping her out with.  Thus when this past Friday I had another opportunity to dress and go get our nails done, I picked almost the same outfit.  The only difference is that a week ago I had on a mini skirt instead of the shorts.  But the skirt is almost the same color as the shorts and thus created a very similar look.

Anywho..... on this day Jules and I went and got our nails done.  I wanted some super bright color for summer.  It turned out nice!!

Now I have little highlighters on my fingertips!!  Exciting!!

I really like this top.  Can you guess as to why?

Yeah, the decolletage!  I also took one without my glasses on, that I think looks good!

Okay folks, just a quick outfit post!!

Love you all!!

Love yourself!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

White Skirt - Busy Little Bee!!

Tunic - White House Black Market - Similar
Skirt - Iris Los Angeles - Similar
Sweater - White House Black Market - Similar

Well hello again Blog-O-Sphere!!!  I wish I could tell you all that I have been off living a thrillingly exciting transgender life filled with long hair and pretty clothes!!  But alas, I have been stuck in my garage.  Garage you ask?  Yes, my garage.  But more on that later.

Today you get a look at an outfit that I enjoyed wearing, but I don't really think looks all that good.  I like each of the pieces I am wearing separately but together, not so much!  The issue, in my mind at least, the tunic does not go with that length of skirt.  I have worn this tunic several times before and I think it looks far better with something that is shorter, or longer, but this calf length skirt, nope, sorry it just does not look very good!

Oh well!!  Do you know what I do like about this outfit??  I love the choker I am wearing.  Maybe I have told you this before, but it belonged to my mom and I just found it about a year ago when my dad passed away.  That means, for those keeping track, this necklace has been hidden away in a box for about twenty years!  Twenty years, holy crap batman!!

Anywho..... I never really thought that I could successfully wear a choker.  I figured it would make my already large neck look even larger.  But in seeing it in these photos, I think it works pretty darn well.  And it is silver, my favorite!  So hoorah!

Okay.... so back to the garage.  Generally summer tends to be my transgender explosion where I go bonkers and dress as often as I can.  But this summer is different.  First off, I have been desperately trying to help Jules who has been experiencing some big difficulties lately.  That has really been my first priority but secondly has been my garage project:

Here you have the first look at my summer wood shop project.  It is a side table.  I am constructing it to be next to our front door, in our little hallway there.  It is designed to look awesome, but also to hold our crap when we enter the door.  I think it is turning out pretty neat looking!

Alrighty..... that's about it.  Now I am off for my morning dog walk and then back into the garage to get covered in saw dust!  Yeah, not the best environment for a wig huh???  So yeah, while I am wearing my usual mix of male and female clothes, no wigs in the shop!  I mean besides the dust, could you imagine it getting all twirled up in the miter saw??  Or the lathe??? Yikes!!  That would be scary!!!

Love you!!

Love yourself!!

Love sawdust!!