Friday, June 3, 2016

At The Beach

Maybe you were expecting bikini pictures?  If so, sorry to disappoint.  It is far too cold for bikinis at the beach!!  Brrrr!!!!  But you do get to see the nice new Columbia fleece jacket I picked up recently for a steal at 30 bucks!!  Woo-Hoo!!  And maybe at some point I will actually do an outfit post on what I am fully wearing.  But not today.

These photos were taken prior to the dinner that I wrote about in my previous post.  Jules and I had awoken in Pismo Beach this morning and all we had on our schedule was to get to Paso Robles for dinner with our friend.  So to kill some time we drove along the coast until we found a nice place to stop.  

I thought I would post these photos up as often I do not share my casual photos with the blog-o-sphere.  Generally when I take my outfit photos, it is with my hair freshly brushed, and not clipped up, I have reapplied my lipstick, and blotted my face to remove at least some of the oils from my skin.  So basically those photos tend to be as close to perfect conditions that I can get.  And the results are often some decent looking photos.  

These beach photos though, yeah not the best appearance for me.  They were taken by Jules as she and I walked along the waters edge, searching in vain for some shells.  Alas, it was a rock only beach.  We did find some cool rocks though.  

Anywho.... I thought I would share some photos that are a bit more realistic in my out-and-about appearance.  Hope you approve!!  And if not, then oh well!!  See.... in general, it is fairly easy to fool a camera.  When I am working at it, I can get a decent looking shot, but that is often not how I appear in day to day existence.  Often people will tell me that I pass SO easily that I must always have a super easy time getting out; with everyone always taking me for nothing but a female.  SO not true peeps!

I have learned how to fool the camera.  But in real life, not so much.  Yeah from a distance I appear fairly female, but without my hair brushed right, without my makeup perfect, with just hanging out on a cold wind blown beach and a spur of the moment, spontaneous photo - yeah it shows a bit more of the truth.

But I am fine with that.  I know what I am, and I love it!!

Love you!

Love the beach!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss it SOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!

Love yourself!


  1. Charlene PetersonJune 3, 2016 at 3:19 PM

    OMG Every day out and about wear. You look great. I agree LOVE THE BEACH.

  2. What's a passing for? All I know is, you're gorgeous.