Thursday, May 26, 2016

Striped Black & White Skirt

Skirt - Papaya - Similar(on sale for $10!!)
Sweater - White House Black Market - Similar
Tank - White House Black Market - Similar
Belt - White House Black Market - Similar
Shoes - The Naturalizer:Believe - Similar

I so love this skirt.  Obviously it is black and white, which I adore, but I also really like the horizontal stripes and how they help give the appearance of a bit of hippage!  It has been quite some time since I wore any kind of hip pads at all.  Thus I rely solely upon the clothes themselves to help give an extra bit of oomph to my shape.  This nice skirt, with it being tight at the knees, along with the stripes really helps add to that effect.  Yay.

Oh and did I mention that it is still in use after purchasing it several years ago for a measly $15???  What a steal!!  Yea Papaya has some super cheep clothes, and some of them are made that way as well.  But occasionally I will find something that is quality and inexpensive.

The other thing I like about this outfit is the belt.  It is reversible, so that makes it extra handy!  Honestly, I think it came from White House Black Market, but once I get the belts home and remove the tags to be able to wear them, I often forget where I buy them.  Belts are not like clothes, they don't retain tags of manufacturers on them.  So often times it is my best guess!!  Oh well!!  Maybe I should keep better track of them.  I do have those good intentions, but I rarely seem to follow through with my belts.  Maybe it is just not that important to me!!

Hey.... wanna hear something funny????? I got a message over at and the person said they saw my blog and liked it a lot.  Later, in a thread this person started I was accused of not being introspective!  Ha!  Like, um, sorry, I thought you actually read my blog!  Uh...not!  When I told Jules about she totally laughed.  My unstoppable introspection over the last 30 years has driven her bonkers!  Funny.  Okay, well, maybe it is just funny to us!  But I seriously found it to be hysterical!  Like do some people even read my blog, or  do they just look at the pictures!

Love you!!

Love yourself!

Love reading comprehension!  Ha!


  1. Love the skirt. The graduated thickness of the lines is very cool and cute.

    1. I love that aspect of the skirt also!


    2. I like the skirt, with the graduated stripes, but that's been said. So, I'll just say I have learned to appreciate your overall fashion sense, and this continues it.

    3. Charlene PetersonMay 26, 2016 at 7:53 PM

      Hi Nadine. Really like the whole outfit. I too think the stripes help give you a bit of hippage. Also like the pictures with out the sunglasses.
      As always I do appreciate your blog. Charlene

    4. Thank you January And Charlene!

  2. Very nice! I laughed when you said "non introspective". That's funny.

    Enjoy Memorial Day.

    Clare B