Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just As Transgender As Me

This past weekend I went away for a retreat for one of the many jobs that I do.  It was a gathering of a bunch of us that have been contracted to be a coach to others in our profession.  (BTW - I SO wish I felt comfortable enough letting everyone know exactly what field I am employed in, but alas, with being transgender one needs to be cautious about how much info we spill onto the net.  Bummer!!)
Anywho...... what is important is that with this particular company I have been employed for several years and I have gotten to know to know the developers quite well.  We are a friendly bunch who work well with each other and after a long day of working we tend to gather in the hotel lobby and sit around and mash ideas together over a few glasses of wine.  All in all, even though it is work, it is quite enjoyable.

Again, anywho..... while sitting in the conference room listening to the presenters, collaborating with colleagues, creating posters and reporting out our understandings, I realized I was in the room with another transgender individual.  

While I was dressed in my female converse, female jeans, female undershirt, male t-shirt, nails painted, female styled jewelry (you know, my usual get-up!) I was staring at a woman dressed in male shoes, male jeans, male shirt, masculine jewelry, and a general masculine appearance.  This was in stark contrast to the many MtF cross dressers who claim that women cross dress by wearing jeans, and then other cross dressers who state, that no women do not cross dress by wearing jeans.  Why?  Their jeans are cut for them, styled for a female body. 

Well hah!  My jeans were super tight, forming quite nicely to my legs, and her jeans were sagging halfway down her butt.  My jeans were clearly female jeans and her jeans were clearly male jeans.  This person was not simply dressing in male appearing attire, they were clearly wearing article purchased in the male department.

I kind of wish that I could have taken a picture of her.  You know what would have been far better?  Getting a picture of the two of us together.  Two transgender individuals, both going the opposite directions, standing together, being a part of this super professional setting, happily working, getting respect, and being treated as human beings regardless of how we choose to dress.

How cool.  

Very cool.

Love you!

Love yourself!

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  1. I have this kind of experience pretty frequently -- I find myself in the presence of another transgender person. I'm torn -- do I acknowledge their status? Run over and say hello? Or... just treat them like an ordinary person? I tend to go with the last, despite an overwhelming desire to run up to them and geek out about gender.

    1. That was a funny line Kelly, "geek out about gender." Very funny!

  2. ... and being treated as human beings regardless of how we chose to dress... You are right, Nadine, but this still will be a dream.
    By the way, you look so fab!