Tuesday, May 10, 2016

IPL Hair Removal - Update

Here we have a picture of my chest.  This photo was taken at two weeks after shaving.  Does it look hairy to you?  Yeah, it looks pretty hair free to me as well.  If you zoom in on it a bit you might be able to spot the hairs that still remain.  But hey, that is pretty darn near hair free huh?

On this photo you can more easily see the remaining hairs in my armpit.  Again this photo was taken two weeks after the last time that I shaved.

Overall I am very impressed with the results of my IPL experiment.  In total I have zapped myself about 4 or 5 times.  The directions are that you are supposed to wait 2 weeks between zaps.  I have followed those directions for the most part.  From the start til now I could probably have zapped it a few more times, but I have been lazy!
From Amazon

I don't know if you can tell from my photos, but I have multicolored body hair and that is a problem for IPL hair removal.  The darker hairs have been pretty much entirely removed, but the lighter colored hairs are still there.  But I don't mind the lighter colored hairs so much.  It really is the darker ones that really bug me.

I have been using the LumaRX IPL Hair removal system as an experiment, trying to decide if the 4-5 hundred dollar investment is really worth it.  And my overall opinion???????  YES, it is SO worth it.  I will then obviously keep this unit and I will continue to zap away at some of the more difficult stragglers.  I will keep you updated!!

Love ya!  

Oh...... I did want to say, that overall my goal is a total hair free body, and that is not what I have achieved so far, nor do I think that I will ever actually achieve that state.  With all of the light colored hairs it may very well prove an impossibility.  But, the hair loss I have achieved is very much worth the cost.  As well, if you are considering going to a professional, and your skin and hair is the right type, this is well worth the investment.  If you buy this and use it first, before going to professional route, there will be far fewer hairs for the professional to attack.  So.... to me.... it is totally worth it.

Hate hair!

Well unless you love hair, then Love hair!

But for me, hate hair!

Well...... hate body hair...... I would LOVE my natural head hair back again...... oh so sad it had to depart from my life...... booooo-hooooo-hooooo!!!



  1. Hiya I've never comment on your Page but do sometime post on other girl's sites, But I do always check out you comments and lovely pictures. OH ! wish I was skinny as you and them BOOBS !!! But I am lucky enough to have long real hair That know you would love to have and little feet !

    So any way I just thought I add few comets about Your home IPL I been thinking about get one for years but they always been very expensive, Lucky for me just after your first story I found one on ebay new for great deal. So I am now the proud owner Panasonic ES-WH80 I've had just under month.
    Its say I can zap my self one week on non sensitive parts and fortnightly on others I am just about to do zap 4 in few days as I am very furry un-groomed with dark hair and very pale skin ( Part Irish/ Part Wookiee ) I have high hopes even if just makes it easier to shave / wax I will be happy but do see some small thin patches and thought I would comment and update you month or so as to if or how well its working

    Ps Mine dose half make me jump every so often bit like static shock

    Love Jenifer XXXX

    1. Hi Jennifer-

      Well thank you so much for commenting on my site!! Super nice of you to do so. Also super nice of you to want to update us all on your personal IPL experience. I am super interested to see what your results will be over time. I am still using mine and seeing decent results. I was really hoping for excellent results, but decent results are at least acceptable!

      Good luck with your trials! And again, thanks for leaving a note!


  2. Hi Nadine,
    I just found your site and so glad I did. I am a sissy boy who wants to move forward with my life as a woman. I enjoy my sissy lifestyle and being gurly inside my house, with the help of my wife who BTW has been my greatest mentor.
    I am pretty hairy on my chest, back, and pubic area. Tried many different items to remove the hair. Your site has given me new hope in being able to live my life out as a woman 24/7. Your site has made me, and my wife, so happy. My wife is right now looking through Amazon for a unit.
    Huggs Nadine.

    Mishel and Judi