Monday, April 4, 2016

Interesting Internet

A gorgeous iris from my yard!

A few internet links that I have found interesting as of late:

Diamond rain on various planets!!  - OMG, are you serious?  When are we going to get our little human butts off to these places so that we can scoop up rockets full of diamonds?

Here is an easy way to get to the moon!  Just fold some paper!!  Hahahahaha

Seriously??  How can these facts be true???

So..... I can't believe I am sharing this link as I don't like sharing hatred, but it needs to be known how the enemy thinks.  Here is some unbelievable crap spewing.

Have I mentioned  before how much I LOVE Eddie Izzard?  Well I DO!  He is fantastic.  He just finished running 27 marathons in 27 days!  Could you imagine?  No, neither can I.  What dedication!  Well he also spoke about how being transgender has helped him.

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