Monday, April 11, 2016

Great Jacket - Just Not With This Outfit

Jacket - Mondetta - Similar
Tunic - White House Black Market - Similar
Jeans - Levi:Denizen
Shoes - Naturalizer - Similar

Now that I can see how this jacket goes with this outfit, I'm happy I left it in the car! I purchased it about two weeks ago at Marshall's, at a super discount.  I am thrilled by the purchase as I have been looking for a jacket like this for a little bit.  I really don't have much female outer wear and was specifically hoping to be able to purchase something along these lines.

So..... even though I don't like it with this outfit, I am still in love with this item.  Yay for me!!  I had taken it with us when we went to get our nails done again, just in case I got cold.

It was just another totally exciting day!  We had our nails done and then we headed off to CostCo.  Simply thrilling huh?

Did you notice the necklace that I am wearing?  It was my moms.  I did a larger post about it over at Already Pretty.  So if you have yet to see it, go check it out over there.  Here is a closer pic of it.

Okie dokie!  That is it for now!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

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