Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who Wears Cheetah Anyway?

Jacket - Guess - Similar
Top - Vince Camuto - Similar (in print)
Jeans - Levi: Denizen
Shoes - Kelly & Katie: Larissa - Similar

I so love the plant that is growing up behind me and this is my favorite time of year for it!  Well, okay, so maybe it is off by a few weeks or so.  In a little bit it should be absolutely covered with purple flowers.  So pretty!  It is a wisteria by the way.  I planted it when it was fairly small and have been training it to grow along the awning.  I love it, but it is work; if I am not careful it will easily destroy the entire awning!

Okay, anywho...... Who wears cheetah?  I do!  it is actually the first bit of cheetah anything that I have and I think I bought it more for my wife's cheetah enjoyment.  For me?  Eh???  Maybe?  But they were on sale at DSW for about 20 bucks!  So how could I not buy them?  

I don't think you can tell in these photos, but the top has some blue in it.  Isn't that cool?  Okay, well I think it is because I SO love black and white and that is how the top looks, but upon closer inspection, it has a bit of blue in it.  I didn't even notice until until half way through the day Jules happened to mention it.

Did you notice the necklace?  It was my mom's!  It is one of about 3 or 4 pieces of jewelry of hers that I happened to inherit.  I really like it.  I didn't think I could pull off a choker.  I don't like tightness on my neck, but this piece is a solid piece of metal, silver I think.  It doesn't have any tension on it; it just sits there.  It is lovely!

And lastly, I wore this outfit to get our nails done and to go shopping at Costco.  I think my nails are adorbes!

Love ya!

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