Monday, March 14, 2016

Pleather Jacket

Jacket - Guess - Similar
Top - Patty Boutik - Similar
Jeans - Guess - Simialr
Shoes - Madden Girl - Similar

I don't remember when I wore this outfit, or what I was doing on this particular day! Funny!  I was looking through some of my outfits that never got posted and I took this at the end of last December and I wondered why I never put it up here.  I actually think it is rather cute looking.  

I still can't believe that I bought, and am actually wearing this jacket.  It is pleather.  And I never thought that I would ever wear pleather.  I mean, it is pleather! Ugh, but seriously, it is such a quality pleather garment that I never knew that it was pleather until I actually looked at the tag, saw the price, and then looked at the garment tag.  It is so soft!  And it was so cheap!  Well, inexpensive, right?  

My life has been so darn busy lately.  I say that quite a bit here don't I?  Well, it is only because it always feels that way.  Ugh!  

Okay, a photo for those of you who say I have nice eyes and should show them off some more:

Gotta run!  Love you!

Stay busy!

Oh and BTW - I have been meaning to get an updated post to my cleavage creation ideas.  Which it looks pretty nice in these shots huh?  Sorry it has not been posted up yet; I know I said I was going to do that like a month or two ago!  Oh well!  

Love you!

Love decolletage!


  1. Loved the eyes! Glad we could talk you into it. (Only later noticed the d├ęcolletage.) :)


  2. Love the term "pleather"! Haven't heard it for awhile.


    1. I know! I just can't get that term out of my head whenever I am dealing with faux leather. Too funny!