Friday, March 25, 2016

New Top

Shoes -  Madden Girl - Similar

Wow, that photo is super grainy!  I wonder what happened with my process??  Anyways....
I got a catalog in the mail awhile back and while flipping through it I saw this top.  But it looked a bit different on the model than it does on me.  Here, check it out:


I think it looks a bit better on her than it does on me.  Maybe I should just ignore that she is probably a size 00 and a size DD.  Oh and that most likely this top is pinned and clipped all around her to make this top look like it is just perfect for anybody!  Ha!

I am not saying that this top looks bad on me.  In fact I told Jules that I was feeling a bit cute yesterday.

The biggest difference, and problem, between the sweater on the model and on me is that on her it clearly comes down below her crotch while still being tight enough to hug up against her body.  Whenever I get something in a larger size to go down below my crotch, it becomes so wide that it has more of a tunic effect on me.

For $27.00 dollars though, and the way it shows off my cleavage, I think I will settle on that the top is okay.  I think it looks alright, and that the above picture of me is actually kind of nice.

Wow, I, better watch out for those complements, I'm beginning to get loose with them flying left and right!  Ha!

While wearing this Jules and I finally went and saw Deadpool.  We both really liked it, and both agreed with everyone else, that was not a kid's movie!  We also shopped a bit in the mall, stopping at Macy's; it is gift time at Clinique!  I also picked up a new phone case, which was supposed to be more red, but is actually more pink, oh well, here I come with a pink phone case!

Love ya!

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  1. Charlene Peterson.March 25, 2016 at 3:12 PM

    Hi Nadine. Nice outfit.
    Love your cleavage and really like the picture without your sunglasses. You do have pretty eyes and a pretty face.
    Looks like you had a nice Spring day.

  2. Love the top on you.
    When will you be updating your cleavage instructions, Nandine?

    1. Yeah, sorry for the massive delay in getting that done! I hope to have it up soon.

    2. Sorry about the misspelling on your name. Stupid autocorrect.

    3. I didn't even notice, so no worries!

  3. Many of my wardrobe issues boil down to one source of dysphoria: my shoulders. Looking at these two beautiful models, I notice that one is narrow-shoulderd, and the other is broad-shouldered. The sweater drapes more and hangs lower on the former, and exposes more skin and hangs higher on the latter. It's impossible to find tops that fit both my shoulders and any other portion of my torso!

    1. Good call! I think that is exactly what is happening. But don't get too discouraged, it also happens on genetic females as well. I was just talking to Jules last night about how often I have seen some cute top on a mannequin only to circle it and discover they have pinned the item tighter, which is what actually gives it great shape. Why would stores do that, even to a mannequin that they can create at any size proportions? Answer - because most clothes do not naturally fit the way they are advertised to us. They want us to think clothes fit a certain way, and then when they don't, we think our bodies are wrong. Maybe it is just the way clothes are marketed to us that is wrong, and not our bodies?