Saturday, March 26, 2016

Latest Cleavage Creation Update

I am sorry that this has taken me so long to finally get around to, but here it is..... my latest update to how I create cleavage!  Yay!

Let me again start off with a few thoughts about me and my cleavage:

- While I understand that many folks may find cleavage appealing on others, I am not interested in attracting others, besides my wife, with my cleavage.  I do it as something to appease my brain.  Weird?  Yeah, maybe more than a bit.  But honestly when I look down and see my own cleavage, my brain says 'yeah that is right, that is what is supposed to be there.'  The fact that I am looking at my own skin, what appears to be my own actual breasts, it just fits with what my brain thinks should be there.

- It is more than a bit embarrassing showing myself stripped down so much, but I am interested in truly being able to share how I go about this process.  It is very amazing to me that I am able to achieve this look and I am always quite stunned that I am able to do it.

- My previous results have been quite good, but I have been searching for something that is more easily done.  Mainly the difference is in trying to find something that works without a "sticky bra."

Anywho!!!!!  On with the show!!!!!

This is obviously a photo of me with nothing on.  I am showing this to you so that you can see what I am starting with.  I am not on any hormones or taking any supplements for breast growth.  I am still at a point that I do not appear to have any breasts when I take off my clothes.  Which, for now, I appreciate.
Here I am in my newest bra.  And I LOVE the color!  Really, what color are you going to get when buying a bra from Victoria's Secret?  I purchased this bra from a store in Bakersfield, CA.  I have tried to find it online and have been unsuccessful.  But any bra from Victoria's Secret with a 2 cup enhancement will probably work, like this one or this one.
You can see me in process here.  I have inserted a couple of enhancement cutlets, like these, into my bra.  And what I am actually pictured doing is then pulling up my boobs.
By having inserted the cutlets in between my bra and skin and then having pulled up the remaining tissue, I now appear to have some actual boobs.  This is what I generally wear when I go out.  It is nice and simple, and comfortable! 
When I am looking to give my boobs a bit more umph, I will then wear this item.  It is a great article of clothing, it is called the LoveFifi Elevatrix Bra.  It can be worn in addition to any bra.  It helps give the girls a bit of extra lift!  But it can be a bit uncomfortable.  It comes with two sets of straps and I generally only wear one, as pictured.
And now, I have on a nice top that actually shows off everything that I have done.  This top is from PattyBoutik, and is available here.
Another item that I have but generally rarely wear, is this.  It is the LoveFifi Elevatrix Power Cami.  I don't generally wear it as it is a bit stiff.  But, wow, check out the results of that!  The only thing I have done, is to take off the previous two items, the top and the bra support and replace it with this "power cami."
And lastly, I now have on another top that shows off the cleavage well.  It is also from Patty Boutik and can be found here.

Well, that is it peeps!  There you have it; how someone with no boobs can appear to have at least a little something something!  Yay for boobs!

Go boobs!

Gosh that was a lot of work!  But hey, it's worth it huh?

Love you!!


  1. Mega Ditto. Say yay for boobs. Good job. You look wonderful

    1. The 'mega ditto' is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh and the complements Pat!

    2. This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
      Veronica Grace