Friday, March 4, 2016

Leading Ladies

Several years I ago, while watching a movie, I realized something.... I almost always picture myself as one of the female characters in the movie.  It may not always be the lead character, but it is almost always a woman.  It can be rather distracting sometimes, as I would like to just relax and watch the movie and enjoy the show.  But instead, while in the middle of many shows, I realize what is going on in my head and I begin to self analyze what I am doing and why I am doing it.

I find myself looking at the female character and wondering what it is about her, her life, or her situation, that I find so appealing that I wish I was her.  And then I begin watching the male characters and wondering, what is so wrong with him, or with me, that I am not interested in being him.  Is he being depicted as a jerk, as a self centered schmuck, or some super macho dude that I have no interest in being?

Generally not.  And besides, even if he is, there are often plenty of other male characters that are depicted as nice, respectable men, some of which I could argue that are even good looking, well as good looking as I, a heterosexual male, might think that a man would be good looking.  It really seems to have nothing to do with the actor or the character he is playing.  It appears to be something that is going on in my head.

Though I will say that more and more their appears to be heroines instead of heroes.  Our society is shifting.

Do you know what I want form my brain?  Some sort of equality.

Do you know what I would like from life?  Some sort of equality.

It just often seems like my brain is playing a tit-for-tat game.

And unfortunately, so does society.

Love you!

Did I mention I am a Libra?

I don't put any faith into that sort of stuff, but it is rather odd that I have such a longing for balance!

Love you!

Love balance!



  1. The last time I had that same feeling was watching Scarlett Johanson in Under The Skin. Since she was playing an alien masquerading ('passing'?) as a woman it was all a bit complicated. But I know where you're coming from: I would always rather be a Bond girl than James Bond.

    1. Thanks Susie! I don't think I have ever seen Under the Skin. I will have to check it out!