Thursday, March 31, 2016

Update #2 - IPL Hair Removal

Unfortunately I have been very lax in updating my hair removal attempts as I have actually been experiencing them.  Ahh what great plans I have and then I watch as they slowly fade into the past never to be seen again!!!  Time, you are such a never ending _________!!!!

Okay so anyway.....  I gave you my first impressions after using this device for the first time.  Since then I have used it several more times, so I will try and give at least a brief overview of everything from the first time until now.

Two weeks after the first use:
     The directions clearly state that during the first two weeks following the use that not much hair loss will be visible.  That was true.  I didn't really notice much, until I went to shave again before the second use.  I didn't shave at all during that time, just my choice, and I noticed a significantly less amount of hair growth occurring.  Most of my hair was still growing, but I did not less, and what was growing was growing far slower than untreated areas.  As well, shaving was far easier than it should have been for two weeks worth of growth.  It was more like just a few days worth of growth.  Thus my shaving time was greatly reduced!!!  Yay!  First positive signs that this pricey item is actually working!!

Second use:
     This was fairly similar than the first time, except now I knew what to expect.  It went fairly well.  But I did notice that this machine does not like operating on the highest setting for more than about 30-40 minutes before it overheats.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I get a bit tired after zapping myself for about a half an hour anyway.  Generally what happens, when it overheats, is that it begins to make an odd beeping noise.  I have to turn it off and let it sit for an hour or so.  A fan on it helps it to cool off.  Other than that, this time went pretty smoothly.  It did hurt here and there, but generally only occasional spots were sensitive.

Two weeks after second use:
      Nothing dramatic happened.  :(   I was kind of hoping to see a huge difference in the amount of hair I have, but unfortunately I did not see that.  What did I see?  A continued lessening of the amount of hair growing and continued slow growth.  At this point I would say maybe about half of my hairs are still growing.

Third use:
      About the same as the first two.  I was better at using the machine.  I spent more time making sure that I went over every area well.  The first couple of times I was very worried about too much overlap and zapping an area too many times.  This time I had much more overlap between the areas that I zapped.  I had no adverse reactions.  As well, I should mention a bit a personal info.  I hate the hair around my nipples, but they are quite dark.  Far darker than what is recommended for the machine.  I took a deep breath and placed the machine slightly overlapping one of my nipples and zapped it.  Nothing bad happened.  It felt just like every other area.  So I did all around my nipples.

Two weeks after the third use:
       According to the directions, this should be when the user becomes just about hair free!  Yay, hair free!!!  Boo-Hiss!!! I am NOT hair free!!  Bummer!  Supposedly, at this point I should be hair free and only need maintenance use.  Well apparently, they did not mean people like me!  I have significantly less hair growth now.  Some area, like my forearms are almost entirely hair free.  My calves are also almost hair free.  Other areas - my arms pits - about 50% reduction in hair.  My chest - about 75% reduction in hair, yay!!!  My stomach - about 50% reduction in hair.  My thighs - about 50% reduction in hair.

       I purchased this machine for about $400!!  Yikes!!  I decided to do it and test it out during the 90 day trial period and then evaluate if I would keep it or return it.  Conclusion?  I am going to keep the machine.  It is working, and I have hope that with continued efforts I will get better and better results.

A few points to ponder:
-  I have multicolored hair.  Some of my hair is dark, some is medium, and some is super light blond.  The machine is not designed to remove lighter colored hair, thus I may not ever get perfect hairless results.

-  I think I did not overlap the zaps enough to make sure I got every single area of my skin covered during the first two attempts.  It does not bother my skin to overlap the zapped areas.  The machine says to just make sure you move the machine between zaps and that some overlap is fine.  I will continue to use this method.

-  I think male hair is super resilient!  It does not want to go away!  Now then why can't I get the damn stuff to grow on my head!!  Ugh!!

- I have not experienced much skin sensitivity or problems with use.  My skin is a bit tender for the day and one or two after using it.  I have experienced an uptick in the amount of ingrown hairs I am getting on my legs.  Which is annoying, but helped by applications of PFB Vanish.

      I have now zapped my body a fourth time and am waiting the suggested two weeks before doing it again.  I am going to keep moving forward and zapping those darn little hairs, hoping they will all go the F--- away!!

Okay, I am off!

Love you!

Hate body hair!

Okay, well I hate body hair!  You can do what please you!  Maybe you are FtM and are wanting some more body hair??  You can have mine if we can figure out how to transfer it!

Love you!

Thank you readers!  I am blessed to have you!


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