Monday, February 22, 2016

Wait, What? Only $20 Bucks!?

What you are looking at is the steal of a deal I got this past weekend.  Around where I live there is a radio program on where people call up and offer things they have for sale.  I kind of assume this sort of thing occurs in many places around, so you may be familiar with the concept.

Anywho.... I often just have it on while I am driving around, more as background noise than anything else.  The things that people offer are kind of ridiculous sometimes.   You will often hear things like: "I've got a bumper for a 74 Dodge, that is in pretty good condition, if I could get fifty bucks for it, that would be okay."  or "I am looking for someone to clear my land for me and take all of the trash to the dump, I am willing to pay you 20 dollars for the job."

Occasionally though I will hear a good deal being offered.  This past Saturday a lady called up and said she had 3 Coach purses and wanted 5 dollars each for them!  I heard the caller give her message, and it was about 5 minutes later that it occurred to me what she had said.  So I called back the radio station, got her number, and gave her a ring.

We ended up meeting at a local CVS, where she showed me 5 purses; 2 Coach, 2 Dooney and Bourke, and 1 Louise Vuitton (fake.)  I checked them all out, some were quite worn, like the purple Coach one.  Oh, and just FYI, I was dressed mostly as male, if that matter much.  We stood chatting about purses and such and she said, if I wanted them I could have them all for 20 bucks!  Ummm.... score!

Of course I took her up on the offer.  I paid her the 20, and she then asked what size shoe I wore, as she was totally into shoes, but had to get rid of some.  I informed her of my sizer of 9.5 and my wife's of a 9.  She sighed and said she had 7s. Oh well!

Upon leaving she asked if she could call me if she found anything else that might interest me.  Of course I said yes!

Anywho.... it was a nice story of getting a smoking hot deal on some purses, and with meeting someone who obviously knew that I dressed both ways, and had no problems with it at all.  In fact she seemed delighted that I was willing to give her any money for things she just wanted to get out of her house!


Love you!

Love purses!

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