Monday, February 1, 2016

A Dress and Jeans Together

Dress - Xhiliration - Similar
Jeans - Guess - Similar
Shoes - Madden Girl - Similar

I like this idea, but I don't necessarily like the way this outfit actually turned out.  It is the second version of it.  Initially when I wore it on this past Saturday I had a different pair of jeans with it, but they were lighter in color and I thought it would look better with a darker wash jean.  I still think that the jeans should be even darker.  Maybe a really dark color, maybe even black, would look far better.  It would provide for more contrast between the jeans and the dress.  So anything that would provide for more contrast between the items would make it look far better.

Maybe enxt time I should try this dress with black leggings.  Hmm... maybe even white leggings.  I have been pondering white leggings for a bit.... hmmm..... I should look into buying some.  I wonder if they have them?  They have to have them, right?

When I took these photos, it was totally pouring rain outside and it was pretty dark.  Thus the camera thought it would be a good idea to use the flash.  Which makes it so the lining of the dress is far more visible than it is in real life.  Oh well, huh?

Oh and a quick thought about the jeans - they look like jeggings, but they aren't.  I told Jules that they were the tightest pair of jeans I own, and she said, uh yeah, no doubt!

Okay.  Just a quick outfit post.

Love you!

Love yourself!


  1. Hi Nadine. I think your outfit looks really nice. The black belt and shoes provide plenty of contrast and might get lost if your jeans were black. The way you wear your belt helps give you a nice shape.
    Nice look for a Saturday afternoon.

  2. I like the outfit. If you go with black leggings that should work. I would also consider black opaque pantyhose or black tights,

  3. The shades of blue in the dress clash with the blue in the jeans. Black soul work or a contrast (red or mauve perhaps) but with the black accessories my vote is for black. And instead of boots. Strappy wedges?

  4. The blues in the jeans and dress clash. A contrasting color or black would work. I'd start with black as your accessories are black. If you go with black maybe some Strappy wedges so the exposed foot takes away from the monochromatic leg.