Monday, February 29, 2016

Hair Removal Quest!

From Amazon

Well I finally did it; I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a home IPL hair removal product.  For years now I have been looking at various hair removal products, pondering if I should pursue some sort of more permanent options.

Just as a review of my hair removal journey - I began shaving off my body hair when I was about 12 years old.  Initially it began as something I was asked to do to help improve my times while I was a swimmer.  It was actually one of the first things that showed me that I am a bit different than some other males.  Because I was THRILLED to be able to shave my body, while the other guys hated the idea of doing it.  And then when it was growing back in, I was super unhappy about it and I began to generate excuses to be able to shave again.

Thus I have been shaving off and on for the past 32 years!  Wow!  About ten years ago
I bought what I consider to be a torture device, an epilator.  I was, and still am, shocked that anybody could use that ridiculously painful device to remove hair.  I mean wow, that thing is super painful.  Several years later, I invested in a home waxing kit.  This gave me decent results, but still not the svelte hair free body I have been searching for.  And it does take a bit of skill to perform properly, and it still hurts like a f***!

Okay, so at this point in my journey, I finally decided to lay down some big bucks and I got the LumaRx Hair Removal Device, Full Body.  I was going to buy it from Amazon, but they could not verify for me if they would honor LumaRx's 90 day return policy.  They would only verify for me a 30 day return policy.  Well that is just not long enough to determine if it will actually work or not, so I ended up purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer's website.  As it turned out, that was the way to do it, as I got it for about $75 less than I would have paid at Amazon.  What a deal!

(While looking at the site today, I do not see it listed at that lower price point, so I don't know how I got so lucky to receive that steal of a deal.  Maybe if you watch the site for awhile, they will offer it again at that lower price??????????)

I am nervously awaiting the arrival of my own personal IPL device and am hoping that it will not be as torturous as that dang epilator!  I will keep you all updated on the results!

Yay, hopefully a hair free me is on it's way!

Love you!

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Love you!